March 28, 2014

CNN Email Touts 6 Million Obamacare Sign-ups As ‘Symbolic Victory’

Call it low-information voter outreach.

An email yesterday from CNNMoney touted how fantastic it was that Obamacare enrollment has reached the six million threshold, even describing it as a “symbolic victory.” Though the underlying article by Tami Luhby at least noted the problems with that 6 million figure, those problems should have been enough to negate that characterization. Instead, Luhby repeated it in her coverage (bolds are mine):

Obamacare tops 6 million signups


… President Obama announced the milestone Thursday in a call with enrollment counselors and outreach volunteers, who are undertaking an intense marketing drive in the final days of open enrollment. There were more than 1.5 million visits to and more than 430,000 calls to the call centers on Wednesday.

Those who’ve started the application by next Monday but are unable to finish because of technical issues will receive more time to complete the process, officials have said.

Reaching 6 million is a symbolic victory for the Obama administration following the botched launch in October.

It is short of the initial goal of 7 million, which was based on a projection by the Congressional Budget Office and adopted by the administration. But it shows considerable gains from the first month when just 106,000 people had signed up.

Last month, the CBO revised its projection down to 6 million because of the rocky initial rollout.

But just how many people fully enroll in the program this year remains to be seen. The latest figures reflect those picking plans, not paying their premiums. Only those who pay their first month’s premium are considered enrolled, while those who don’t pay have their policy selections canceled.

Insurers have said that the share of people sending in payments is in the 80% range.

Embedded in the article is a link to a infographic story entitled, “Obamacare’s amazing comeback.” Really.

Luhby failed to note the Obama administration’s virtual blackout on official figures relating to who has actually paid, even though there is strong reason to believe that they are available or easily obtainable.

And of course, there were no horror stories, of which there is no shortage, and no mention of President Obama’s personally and serially delivered “trinity of lies.”

Getting back to the email itself, low-information voters and many in business and finance who don’t have time to click through to the news in detail are going to think that things are just fine. What a sick joke.

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  1. Yes, ACA. Are you really going to keep defending it Mr. Progressive? Here are the facts. I know the modern liberal hates facts but here they are.

    Barry said if you like your plan you can keep it. Flat out lie. A lie. On video of him saying it. No argument. He didn’t misspeak, he didn’t state a remark taken out of context. He lied. Americans lost their plans. Period.

    Barry said premiums would go down. Another lie. Anyone who is remotely successful and many just making average wages—their premiums went up. Now the extremely unsuccessful are happy. Because people like me are supposed to compensate their payments through our taxes. Oh and the expansion of Medicaid for many who will not pay at all. Again off the backs of the producers. But the selling point of cheaper insurance was a lie. Premiums went up. No defense of Barry.

    And the rollout is a disaster. That’s what you can expect from government running healthcare. Look at the U.S Post office as Barry gave example. It is going bankrupt as well.

    And of course the largest contention is one man pays so another does not. Each premium according to need. The majority pay more so others can pay less. That “according to need.” It comes from a certain Manifesto if you remember—by Karl Marx. But no ACA isn’t really Marxism. My mistake entirely.

    And ACA threatens our economy which was already in trouble. Deep trouble. Because people like me refuse to comply with ACA. Law of the land? If is a law that defies my natural rights as a free man. I will not be ordered to pay higher premiums so another may pay less. And now ACA will not sustain itself. The result? The collapse I predict in fiction. I don’t need to predict it in my own writings. History predicts it for me. So does third grade math. So if you would really like to see the United States fall then keep supporting these lunatics that are implementing the policies which have caused the fall of other empires in the past.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. Creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE and Turning Point USA contributor columnist.

    Comment by charleshurstauthor — March 28, 2014 @ 7:36 pm

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