March 28, 2014

Common Core Bullies: Don’t You Dare Speak Out Against It

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Watch, and stay with it to the end:

From Eagle Rising:

Teacher Bullied and Intimidated for Opposing Common Core

Susan Kimball, a kindergarten teacher of 20 years in the Sikeston Missouri Public School District, gave emotional testimony before the Missouri Senate Education Committee this week that she had been bullied and intimidated once her colleagues learned that she believed Common Core would be bad for her students.

Persecution for political beliefs is becoming commonplace among those of us who oppose the massive expansion of federal government control of healthcare, education, and our personal lives.

The Education Committee is considering a bill that would prohibit Missouri from implementing Common Core in their schools.

That bill should pass.

It’s clear that this teacher cares.

It’s equally clear that the Common Core bullies don’t.


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