March 30, 2014

SNL Mocks President’s Obamacare Promo Efforts

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One (among many) of the more stunning elements of Obamacare’s six-month run thus far has been the administration’s increasingly desperate ploys to get “millennials” to sign up as the sort-of enrollment deadline looms. One of the more appalling of those involved President Obama himself appearing on comedian Zach Galifianakis’ “Between Two Ferns” show and directing scripted insults at the host. Almost no one in the establishment press has commented on how stunts such as these diminish the dignity which used to be associated with the highest office in the land.

Building on that personal involvement, Saturday Night Live’s opening skit last night showed several other made-up (I hope) attempts to make “Get Covered” go viral, including presidential photo ops with Kim Kardashian and the Pope. The final effort possibly included spreading viruses, as it required Obama to kiss Justin Bieber … on the lips. Video of that skit (obvious warning to those who don’t would rather not see the final act: stop the tape) follows the jump (HT the Blaze):

The sad thing is that you can’t totally rule out anything with this crowd — and I don’t mean the SNL cast, which did a pretty nice job of mockery.

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