April 4, 2014

As in 2010, ORPINO (Ohio Republican Party In Name Only) Is on the Warpath Against Sensible Conservative Candidates

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NOTE TO READERS: I’m only beginning to get my arms around the Ohio Republican Party’s smear campaign against any and all disfavored primary candidates. I’d be interested in getting photos or scans of the garbage they are sending out. I will protect tipsters’ confidentiality unless specifically told that it doesn’t matter.


In 2010, the Ohio Republican Party went to war against Tea Party-sympathetic Republican candidates for public office and county central committees, squandering a large sum of money on expensive customized campaign mailings and Election Day poll-watchers handing out slate cards.

They were “successful,” if you define “success” as defeating demonstrably superior candidates for State Auditor and Secretary of State while getting or keeping most of their people on the aforementioned central committees.

In 2014, the desperation level and hostility both appear to be even greater that what we saw in 2010. It appears that the ORP, certainly without the blessing of many of its own Central Committee members, is even more ferociously on the attack this time around, if for no other reason that the fact that there are more Tea Party-sympathetic candidates for state representative and senator.

I have come across one such example which goes after State Rep candidate and former State Rep Tom Brinkman. It’s hilarious if you know Brinkman, until you realize that those who aren’t familiar with his record are being grandly deceived. Then it becomes infuriating:



The return address is that of ORPINO with Chairman Matt Borges as the sender.

ORPINO will be unhappy to know that I and perhaps many others read the front as telling us that Brinkman has voted with Democrats 60 times and not the 600 as intended. But I guess getting the completely irrelevant Obama symbol into the picture was just too important. (Brinkman left the Ohio House at the end of 2008, and has never held public office during Barack Obama’s presidency; but truth obviously doesn’t matter to ORPINO.)

ORPINO has done me a favor.

I was going to spend some time comparing Brinkman’s current stances to that of incumbent Peter Stautberg. Now I don’t have to. If Stautberg is okay with mailings such as these going out without objection, I don’t have to study anything. Brinkman’s my guy. 

I’d like to think that others will have similar reactions. Unfortunately, based on what happened four years ago, I wouldn’t count on it.

The fact of the matter is that Brinkman and other candidates targeted by ORPINO (including some incumbents, by the way) need to publicly and visibly turn this trash around on their opponents and force them to admit that they’re smear artists uninterested in running honest campaigns.

But that’s only a start.

During early voting, they also need to have someone at the county boards of election handing out their own slate cards to prospective voters to counter ORPINO. On Election Day, they need to have their peeps doing the same thing at every precinct, because ORPINO will — and, as they did four years ago, they’ll coopt naive college kids and bring in out-of-state helpers to get their side of the job done.


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