April 7, 2014

Positivity: Those who follow Christ will face persecution, Pope observes

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From Vatican City:

Apr 4, 2014 / 07:08 am

Pope Francis dedicated his April 4 homily to the theme of persecution, noting that although many of the trials saints have endured still happen today, there is always hope because “Jesus is Lord.”

“All the people whom the Holy Spirit chooses to tell the truth to the People of God suffer persecution,” the Pope expressed to those present in the Vatican’s Saint Martha guesthouse chapel, noting that Jesus “is precisely the model, the icon.”

The pontiff began his reflections by returning to the day’s Gospel, taken from John, in which Jesus alludes to his heavenly origin, for which the people attempt to arrest him.

Emphasizing that “today’s Gospel is clear, no?” Pope Francis pointed out that “Jesus hid, in those last days, because his hour had yet to come – but he knew what end he would make, and how he would make it.”

“Jesus is persecuted from the beginning: when we remember the beginning of his preaching, he returns to his country, goes to the synagogue and preaches,” but that after great praise, people begin to whisper, saying “‘But, we know where he comes from … he is one of us…with that authority comes he to teach us? Where did he study?’”

“It is the same old thing,” he observed, noting that “they … write the Lord off, write off the prophet in order to take away his authority.”

Highlighting how the prophets “are all persecuted or misunderstood,” the Pope went on to describe how history repeats itself in the Church, from the moment of Jesus’ crucifixion until today. …

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