April 11, 2014

Latest PJ Media Column (‘Regulatory Tyranny Flies Under the Radar’) Is Up (UPDATE: OSHA Targeting Non-Union Auto Industry in the South)

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It’s here.

I will post it here at BizzyBlog on Sunday morning (link won’t work until then) after the blackout expires.


UPDATE: Just five hours after the column went to print, an email from NetRightDaily reported that OSHA is deliberately targeting nonunion auto products manufacturers in the Southeast … with union representatives tagging along

Is OSHA trying to unionize southern auto parts manufacturers?

… The heightened targeting in the southeast comes on the heels of a special “Regional Emphasis Program to reduce workplace exposures to safety hazards associated in the Auto Parts Supplier Industry” ordered by the agency on January 15.

These three states alone, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee, although they make up just 9.7 percent of auto parts manufacturers, already constitute 26 percent of OSHA inspections for that industry group.

… Rep. Martha Roby (R-Ala.) is furious about the targeted discrimination in her home state of Alabama. In a letter to Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, Roby wrote, “Absent a compelling rationale grounded in fact, OSHA’s targeted enforcement tactics become susceptible to charges that they are at best arbitrary, and at worst discriminatory.”

Roby also complained about a new Labor rule that allows union organizers to tag along OSHA inspections in non-union shops, raising the specter that union bosses may now be directing the agency’s targeting.

When coupled with the regional targeting in the southeast, it begins to look a lot like OSHA is attempting to unionize southern auto parts manufacturers that are beating Detroit on price by keeping labor costs low.

But regardless of the motivation of the targeting, it appears these factories have been the targets of a pattern of discrimination by the agency, raising significant constitutional due process concerns.

Due process? Little people apparently don’t get that in Tom Perez’s Department of Labor.



  1. Thanks Mr. Blumer for your PJM post.

    About Kasich…

    His early anti-public union efforts (SB5) struck us as over-reach, and as reckless – if not a deliberate attempt at scuttling the law while playing the “economic conservative” card. Issue 2 resulted and Kasich “lost.” None of us were surprised in the least.

    As you’ve pointed out, time and again when State leadership was needed to combat Federal encroachment, Kasich was weak or even compliant.

    More, the Buckeye Firearms Association and shooting sports enthusiasts throughout the State recall well Kasich’s vital role in passing Clinton’s needless “assault” rifle ban.

    His creds as a conservative or libertarian here on the ground in Ohio are mighty thin. That weakness harms everyone in his Cabinet – as exemplified by the fate of Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel’s run against incumbent Senator Brown. Turn-out for Mandel was weak because neither he nor Kasich could point to philosophy or accomplishments consistent with a constitutional-libertarian/conservative base. We just shrugged.

    We Republicans are starvin’ out here. We need Elephants and yet all we have are RINOs.

    Thanks again,

    Bexley, OH

    Comment by Ran — April 11, 2014 @ 5:28 pm

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