April 16, 2014

Forget the Obama-Nixon Comparisons …

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… because there is no comparison.

Nixon wanted the Internal Revenue Service to go after a small cadre of his enemies. The IRS refused to go along. Nixon could have sacked those who refused, and didn’t.

Barack Obama’s IRS, with the now clearly established knowledge of Eric Holder’s Justice Department, deliberately went after Obama’s mobilizing opposition, often by delaying and deliberately over-scrutinizing activist groups’ non-profit status applications, but sometimes by employing much more serious tactics, including coordinating multi-agency harassments of certain applicants’ businesses.

Now we know that the IRS also wanted DOJ’s help in criminally prosecuting opponents (links are in original; bolds are mine):

Judicial Watch has been chipping away at the IRS stonewall with Freedom of Information Act requests, and just released some new emails that show Tax Exempt Organizations director Lois Lerner was talking to the Justice Department about criminal prosecutions for the groups targeted by her organization.  She was also trying to get the Federal Elections Commission – where she used to work, under similar suspicions of politicized abuse of her authority – involved in the witch hunt.  Judicial Watch previously discovered that the IRS handed tax returns for conservative groups over to the FEC, an action of both questionable utility and dubious legality.

Read the whole thing.

Lest we forget, the IRS was being egged on by congressional Democrats, and the veneer of White House plausible deniability has for all practical purposes evaporated:

We now have a sitting Democrat congressman, Elijah Cummings, a sitting Democrat senator, Sheldon Whitehouse, the Federal Elections Commission, the U.S. Department of Justice, and the Internal Revenue Service all implicated in the scandal. Flax’s involvement puts the abuse squarely into the IRS commissioner’s office. But it takes an entity above all of those agencies to coordinate their actions. That entity can only be the White House.

Also, go here:

  • Judicial Watch — “JW Obtains IRS Documents Showing Lerner in Contact With DOJ about Potential Prosecution of Tax-Exempt Groups”
  • Doug Ross — ” IRS Leadership Conspired with Holder Justice Department to Imprison Political Opponents”

Ross’s reax:

… this horrifying scandal … makes Nixon look like a shoplifter at the Dollar Store.

We have a President, an Attorney General, a ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, the IRS, the FBI, and heaven knows what other alphabet soup agencies conspiring to jail political opponents. Our country has been reduced to something akin to Venezuela, only with craploads more debt.

That, my friends, is fascism, straight up.


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