April 19, 2014

NewsBusted (041814)

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Here we go:

– Tax Day
– Tea Party Audits
– Obama’s Tax Bill
– Mickey Rooney
– Obamacare
– Kevin Spacey
– Morning Joe
– Hillary Clinton
– Jane Pauley

Best Lines:

  • “Last Tuesday was Tax Day. So now that all the returns are in, let the Tea Party audits begin.”
  • “The three major networks failed to report on news claims that the IRS targeted Tea Party groups. Of course they did. ABC, NBC and CBS don’t want to get audited either.”
  • “The Obamas paid just over $98,000 in taxes this year. But that’s only because they were able to write off the 47 million Americans on Food Stamps as dependents.”
  • “Last week the ‘Morning Joe’ panel failed to name even one reason why Hillary Clinton was qualified to be President. President Obama immediately responded, ‘Like you need one?’”

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