April 22, 2014

If Only It Were That Easy

Filed under: Taxes & Government — Tom @ 10:53 pm

ORPINO (The Ohio Republican Party In Name Only) either believes or wants primary voters to believe that the mere act of electing candidates they prefer to the state party’s Central Committee will cause the repeal of Obamacare.

That’s the only conceivable reaction to the mailing I just had emailed to me:


What a sick insult to our intelligence, and a what an incredible waste of Republicans’ money.

Unless Stainbrook and Gallagher can explain how their elections to Central Committee will lead to the repeal of Obamacare (good luck with that, sir and ma’am), those who are in their district should vote for whoever is opposing them for allowing something this stupid to be released with their names on it.

These two represent Lucas County (county seat: Toledo). Apparently, Stainbrook, heaven help us, is the County Republican Chairman. He’s not some dumb schmuck who doesn’t know that the state party is willfully misleading voters about what a State Central Committee person can do.


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