May 4, 2014

Huckabee to Hillary: You Can’t Run or Hide From Benghazi

I have often criticized Mike Huckabee, in my opinion quite validly (examples here [3rd item], here, and here). But on Benghazi, the guy deserves credit for prescience — and persistence.

In the intro in the video which follows of Huckabee’s Fox News show last night, he correctly points out that he was among “the first to say outright that our government had lied to us about what happened” in Benghazi, Libya the night Ambassador Christopher Stevens and others who tried to save him were murdered in a terrorist attack.

At the 2:45 mark, he starts to go after Hillary Clinton, first for the contrast between her “3 a.m.” 2008 presidential campaign video, then for the lack of any record of a conversation between her and President Barack Obama on the night of the murders, then for the lack of any effort to try to save the besieged ambassador and his defenders.

At 4:50, Huckabee gets to the heart of the matter, and conveys a promise:

President Obama, Vice President Biden, and Hillary Clinton all looked those family members in the eye and promised they would get to the bottom of it. They even said they would find out who was responsible for that little video. Well, maybe that was easier than trying to find out who was responsible for the actual murders, and the subsequent lies and coverups.

They knew then, and they know now that the attack was not about a video.

We once had real newspapers and broadcast new outlets that cared about a government lying to the people. Lying and covering up in Watergate ultimately resulted in a president resigning and several of his top aides going to prison.

But there are big differences between Watergate and Benghazi. The press didn’t look the other way. And in Watergate, neither did Congress. Oh, and in Watergate, no one died.

I promised Charles Woods, the father of Tyrone Woods, that I wouldn’t forget the sacrifice of his son. I keep a photo of Tyrone that Charles gave me. I keep it right in my office as a reminder. And that photo’s not coming down until the truth does, and until somebody answers for what happened.

And I’m going to serve notice to Hillary if she runs for President: Sooner or later, you’re going to have to answer for this: [clip of Hillary Clinton screaming "What difference at this point does it make?"]

Well, let me tell you the difference: Those four murdered that night couldn’t run or hide. And Hillary, neither can you.


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