May 6, 2014

In Epic Fail, ORPINO Wastes Mega-$$$ in Smear Campaign, Fails to Fend Off Tom Brinkman

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Despite spending thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars to smear the challenger and defend their incumbent, ORPINO (the Ohio Republican Party In Name Only) suffered a major defeat in Southwestern Ohio tonight.

Republican primary voters in the 27th District State Rep race have ousted wishy-washy, Common Core-supporting, go-along get-along incumbent Peter Stautberg in favor of challenger and true conservative Tom Brinkman:


It probably helped Brinkman that the Cincinnati Enquirer endorsed … Stautberg.

Intense thanks go to Brinkman supporters whose door-to-door, phone-to-phone and grass-roots campaign trumped ORPINO Chairman Matt Borges’s literature and airwaves war.


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