May 7, 2014

Absurd AP: Birth Dearth Since Financial Crisis Is Causing Slow Workforce Growth Now

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If I didn’t know any better, I might have thought, based on an Associated Press report tonight by business writer Bernard Condon prepared with the help of four others, that governments everywhere had reinstituted child labor for those as young as six years old.

That’s the only to support the claims Condon made about how the birth dearth in the developed world driven by the 2008 financial crisis is responsible for the current worldwide economic malaise. This desperate grasping at straws is apparently necessarily because the press will never blame the ineffectiveness of Keynesian fiscal policies and national banks’ interventions in the developed world’s economies, which are really the culprits. Excerpts from Condon’s calamity follow the jump (bolds are mine):


Bitter AP Focuses On Politics and Not Free-Speech Import of Wis. ‘John Doe’ Ruling

In his “analysis” on Tuesday’s U.S. District Court ruling which called a halt to “a secret investigation into his 2012 recall campaign and conservative groups that supported” Scott Walker, Wisconsin’s Republican Governor, Scott Bauer at the Associated Press basically gave away what the prosecution’s agenda really has been all about.

It really hasn’t been about cleaning up political campaigns, or whatever other similar tired bromides the Walker-hating left dishes out from time to time. It’s been about hurting Walker’s reelection effort this fall and punishing him for reforming public-sector collective bargaining in the Badger State. Short of that, it’s an attempt to marginalize him as a potential 2016 presidential candidate by smearing him with the “under investigation” and “scandal” tags. Let’s start with the opening paragraphs of Bauer’s bluster (bolds are mine throughout this post):


Wednesday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (050714)

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This open thread will stay at or near the top today. Rules are here. Possible comment fodder may follow. Other topics are also fair game.

Positivity: RIP, Jim Woods

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From the Median Gazette, on the loss of a man who did so much to make the Tea Party an important statewide force against intense establishment opposition:

Jim Woods, 68, remembered by friends, family as a political leader

Filed on May 5, 2014

YORK TWP. — The co-founder of Medina County Friends and Neighbors has died, but friends and family say the legacy of his work in promoting political conservatism will live on.

Jim Woods, 68, of York Township, died Wednesday following a nine-month battle with lung cancer. Lisa Woods, his wife of 12 years, said he will be missed by family, friends and political allies.

“The most amazing thing about him is his political work, and just how good he was,” his wife said. “He was really so cool-headed and he didn’t let things get to him. Politics is such a dirty place to play, and he just did it so well.”

Nancy L. Abbott, head of the Medina County Republican Party, said Woods was an important voice in Ohio politics.
“I think we’ve lost a true conservative leader in the county and the state,” Abbott said. “It’s going to be really hard to find someone to fill his shoes.”

Woods and his wife founded Friends and Neighbors in 2008 as an independent grassroots conservative organization, affiliated with the tea party movement.

The Woods also have been active in the regular Republican Party. Jim Woods served as the GOP’s Central Committeeman for the 22nd State Senate District since 2012. Lisa Woods is the Central Committee’s vice chairwoman. …

Go here for the rest of the story.

WaPo’s Costa: Boehner ‘Swatted Away’ Primary Opposition, Which Got a Possible Record 31% of Vote

Robert Costa’s disdain for Tea Party-sympathetic conservatives was quite evident tonight in his coverage of Republican House Speaker John Boehner’s primary victory at the Washington Post. Costa, a former writer at National Review, even insulted the noble pursuits of justice and the truth regarding Benghazi and the IRS’s targeting of conservative and other groups by calling them “red meat for the tea party faithful.”

The WaPo reporter characterized Boeher as having “swatted away” his opposition without revealing that the Speaker got only 69 percent of the vote. Yes, I wrote “only.” Costa himself noted that “a sitting speaker still has never been defeated in a primary election,” but didn’t disclose Boehner’s percentage of the vote. That’s odd to say the least. I don’t recall a sitting speaker ever losing 31 percent of the vote in a party primary, and it’s possible that it has never happened outside of circumstances involving scandal or crime. I certainly don’t recall a sitting speaker opening his wallet to defend his seat in a primary as Boehner did. Excerpts and analysis follow the jump (bolds are mine):