May 12, 2014

Monday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (051214)

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  1. The end game:

    What do we really want?

    Economic growth is seen as good, yet it makes many in the rich world miserable

    If you can’t convince the world that AGW is real, then convince them that being wealthy is bad for you. In the end, being poor, living in leaf huts creates the greatest likelihood of happiness.

    Mr. Monbiot uses the all or nothing fallacy to claim even if we maintained 3% annual growth to year 2100, the world would be consumed and we would still be miserable. What he leaves out is that not everyone will equally rise so there will always be poverty and that in itself does not disqualify wealth as a means to bettering an individual or society in general. He also leaves out the fact as wealth, technology and efficiency improves, humans have a diminishing footprint per capita on the planet. He purports invention creates necessity and thus every new advance creates need for another useless luxury item that cannot bring happiness. Apparently, the existential angst of a few wealthy people who lead pointless lives is the end all and be all of wealth creation so why go there? It’s the old guns kill people fallacy so let’s outlaw all guns solution. Never mind more people are killed by knives and bats than guns or that it took a human to wield any of them and never you mind the vast majority uses them responsibly. The rights of the many are to be judged and limited by the excesses of the few.

    Mr. Monbiot describes the average person as someone who hides their head in the sand denying the reality of AGW when in reality it is Mr. Monbiot who hides his head in the sand denying the trend lines by creating false arguments of why everyone should be poor. Of course the poor are stupid and must be managed, by who else but by those who know better lest they advance themselves? The logical end result of Mr. Monbiot’s world view is feudalism where the poor are perpetually ruled by the elite.

    Mr. Monbiot’s surreptitious advocacy of feudalism is another bald attempt by elitists to justify their plundering of humanity for their own selfish interests. Behind every liberal assertion and agenda is an elitist raking in the dough from gullible believers. It is ironic that Monbiot quotes Orwell given his own Orwellian advocacy.

    Comment by dscott — May 12, 2014 @ 10:07 am

  2. Related to Geithner’s refusing to blow the Dog Whistle to the Left:

    What Are Key Dates in OASI, DI, and HI Financing? The 2013 reports project that the DI, OASI, and HI Trust Funds will all be depleted within the next 25 years. The following table shows key dates for the respective trust funds.

    2013 Trustees Report Summary

    Year of peak trust fund ratio 2011 2003 2008 2003
    First year outgo exceeds income excluding interest 2010 2005 2010 2018
    First year outgo exceeds income including interest 2022 2009 2021 2021
    Year trust funds are depleted 2035 2016 2033 2026

    The 2009 report had OASI at 2039 and DI at 2020 for trust fund depletion. Obama’s economic policies are going swimmingly.

    Comment by dscott — May 12, 2014 @ 1:03 pm

  3. Thanks for catching that. It’s a given that the AP will blow the reporting on this. Update: Just noticed that it’s last year’s report, not the report on what happened last year.

    Comment by Tom — May 12, 2014 @ 1:45 pm

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