May 18, 2014

In Lionizing NYT’s Baquet, Press Ignores the Childish Behavior Which Led to His Firing at the LA Times

At the Politico, concerning Dean Baquet, the new Executive Editor at the New York Times, Dylan Byers wonders: “How will … (he) handle the necessary digital transformation facing ‘All the news that’s fit to print.’?” The better question is: How will he handle the financial constraints Times management will almost inevitably have to impose on a stagnant if not shrinking newsroom operation?

To say that Baquet didn’t deal with such matters well when he was in a similar position at the Los Angeles Times eight years ago is an understatement. The working press seems to consider him some kind of hero for standing up to senior management at the Tribune Company, the paper’s owner. The fact is that his childish, passive-aggressive posturing made his firing inevitable, The fact is that his childish, passive-aggressive posturing made his firing inevitable, and that he should have been sent packing months earlier than he was.


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Positivity: ‘Love transforms everything,’ Pope tells sick, disabled

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From Vatican City:

May 17, 2014 / 09:43 am

Pope Francis met with nearly 5,000 members of apostolates dedicated to the sick and suffering on Saturday, encouraging them to live lives transformed by love and to support others who suffer.

“Jesus teaches us to live the pain by accepting the reality of life with trust and hope, bringing the love of God and neighbor, even in suffering: and love transforms everything,” the pontiff told the members of the Apostolate of the Suffering and the Silent Workers of the Cross on May 17.

Pope Francis met with the members of the associations in the Paul VI audience hall. An estimated 350 attendees were in wheelchairs.

The Silent Workers of the Cross is an association of priests and consecrated persons who work with the suffering members of the Apostolate.

The two associations were founded by Blessed Luigi Novarese, a priest, in the second half of the 20th century to offer persons suffering with illness or disability an opportunity to participate in the work of evangelization. Fr. Luigi was beatified May 11, 2013.

Pope Francis described him as “a priest in love with Christ and with the Church and a zealous apostle of the sick.”

The Holy Father then reflected on one of the beatitudes of Jesus, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.”

“With this prophetic word, Jesus refers to a condition of life on earth, from which no one is spared. There are those who mourn because they are not healthy, those who mourn because they are alone and misunderstood.”

Although “the reasons for suffering are many,” Christ understands them all, the Pope stressed.

“He gathered human suffering and assumed them in his flesh, he lived them profoundly, one by one. He knew every type of affliction, moral and physical: he experienced hunger and fatigue, the bitterness of misunderstanding, he was betrayed and abandoned, flagellated and crucified.”

Pope Francis emphasized that Jesus did not teach that suffering itself was good, but rather demonstrated how to live suffering in a positive way. …

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