June 21, 2014

Joke of the Day: A Massive Set of Corrections at the Associated Press

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They didn’t mean it to be a joke, but the following corrections to previous AP stories show what a joke the organization has become (paragraph breaks and bold added by me):

CORRECTION: IRELAND-CHILDREN’S MASS GRAVES STORY (Uh, that’s “corrections,” plural. — Ed.)

DUBLIN (AP) — In stories published June 3 and June 8 about young children buried in unmarked graves after dying at a former Irish orphanage for the children of unwed mothers, The Associated Press incorrectly reported that the children had not received Roman Catholic baptisms; documents show that many children at the orphanage were baptized.

The AP also incorrectly reported that Catholic teaching at the time was to deny baptism and Christian burial to the children of unwed mothers; although that may have occurred in practice at times it was not church teaching. (From my understanding, “Church teaching” has basically always been that any baby which can be baptized will be baptized. — Ed.)

In addition, in the June 3 story, the AP quoted a researcher who said she believed that most of the remains of children who died there were interred in a disused septic tank; the researcher has since clarified that without excavation and forensic analysis it is impossible to know how many sets of remains the tank contains, if any. (“If any”?!? In other words, “We may not even have had a story at all.” Are you kidding me? — Ed.)

The June 3 story also contained an incorrect reference to the year that the orphanage opened; it was 1925, not 1926.

Words fail.


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