July 12, 2014

‘Who Do You Think You’re Fooling?’ Passage of the Day

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As a decided funk settles in five years after the recession’s official end, inconvenient data disappears:

Slowing Customer Traffic Worries U.S. Retailers

… Near-term trends aside, store chains across the retailing industry are wrestling with what could be a permanent decline in shopper visits. Customers now use their mobile phones and computers to compare promotions, prices and products before heading into a physical store to buy clothes, electronics and increasingly, groceries.

… “Shoppers are making targeted visits to malls and going into fewer stores,” said Christopher Ainsley, CEO of ShopperTrak, a Chicago-based data firm that records store visits for retailers using tracking devices installed at 40,000 outlets in the U.S.

ShopperTrak is changing the way it presents its data, as mall owners and retailers come to terms with declining store visits. In reaction to feedback from the retailers ShopperTrak serves, the firm said starting July 17 it would quit reporting results from individual malls and instead report the tallies by ZIP Code.

The firm said its customers wanted a way to understand what was happening in the broader area as opposed to just at individual malls.

Man, is it getting deep in here.

ShopperTrak’s customers — i.e., individual malls — don’t want the world to see how pathetic their traffic results are. They will still get their individual mall data; they just don’t want the public to see it.


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