July 18, 2014

NewsBusted (071814)

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Here we go:

– John Boehner
– President Obama
– Record cold in Australia
– Joe Biden
– Gun Control
– Illegal Aliens
– Oklahoma Earthquakes
– Megan Fox
– L.A. Marijuana Farmers Market
– Obama Fundraisers

Best Line:

  • “Recent data shows it would be 99 percent cheaper to fly the illegal aliens now swarming our border back to their home countries rather than processing them here. And most of the cost could be paid for with Michelle Obama’s frequent flier miles.”
  • “Oklahnoma has had more earthquakes than California in 2014. See, government regulations and taxes are so bad in California even the earthquakes are leaving.”
  • “President Obama has attended nearly 400 fundraisers since taking office. Wow — It’s amazing he finds time to play golf.”

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