July 22, 2014

Politico’s Simon: Perry Sending National Guard to Border ‘To Shoot Small Children’

Roger Simon “joined Politico as its first chief political columnist” in 2006. A couple of items on his resume include being “the only person to win twice the American Society of Newspaper Editors Distinguished Writing Award for commentary,” and a 2013 National Press Club humor-related award. Judges for that award said that “Simon’s writing is witty, specific and based on sharp observations of politics and the media.”

Perhaps, but at least one of his recent tweets is bitter, loony-tunes leftist rubbish. Proving once again that it only takes a slight scratch beneath the surface of a supposedly mainstream liberal journalist to find a hardened, vitriolic radical who hates (yes, that’s the correct word) those who dare to disagree with him or her just screaming to come out, Simon tweeted the following in response to news that Texas Governor Rick Perry is calling up 1,000 National Guardsman to serve at his state’s border with Mexico (HT RedState):


Here are a few of the clean responses to Simon the twit’s tweet (some changes to spelling and punctuation made):

Obviously Roger Simon is an Obama Kool-Aid drinking socialist.”

How do you Progs look at yourselves in the mirror. You’re ugly inside and out.”

Wow not even pretending anymore are you? Goebbels would be proud of this bullcrap you make up.”

Why the concern over small children now when the political ideology you espouse champions the right to murder babies?”

Please lecture me again about civility.”

The “civility” taunt has a sound basis. I’m not making this up: In June of 2012, Simon wrote a column lamenting how “Rudeness is the ‘new normal.’”

If a conservative writer went after a liberal governor in such a manner, there would be calls for his or her ouster within minutes. But the guess here is that simple Roger Simon is safe — and that Politico’s hackery will continue unabated.

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