July 25, 2014

NewsBusted (072214)

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Playing catchup … Here we go — This is one of their best ever:

– President Obama
– Malaysian Airlines
– Josh Earnest
– Illegal Alien Coyotes
– Self-Driving Obama Car
– CNN Reporter
– First Family
– Drunk TSA Agent
– llegals Hide in Gas Pipeline

Best Lines:

  • “The coyotes bringing the current wave of illegal aliens in through the southern border are making as much as $50,000 a week — which makes them the only high-paying jobs created during the Obama economy.”
  • “In a recent visit to Virginia, President Obama operated a self-driving car. But it was an Obama self-driving car, which means that it only turned left and then ended up in a ditch.”
  • “A CNN Reporter who referred to Israelis as ‘scum’ on Twitter has been reassigned — to a new job in the Obama State Department.”
  • “A drunk man at the San Francisco airport posed as a TSA agent and started groping women as he patted them down. The man’s behavior was so out of line the TSA hired him on the spot.”
  • “Illegal aliens have been found hiding in a natural gas pipeline and using it to get around border patrol agents. Uh, hold on … This just in. President Obama now plans on approving the Keyston XL Pipeline.”

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