August 5, 2014

Positivity: Catholic artist touches hearts one Facebook pic at a time

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From Sioux Falls, South Dakota (photo gallery at link):

Aug 1, 2014 / 04:03 am

If you have seen an artistic Facebook cover photo with a saint and a powerful quote, there’s a good chance it came from Cassie Pease.

The 22-year-old South Dakota native’s designs have been floating around social media and phone backgrounds for over a year now.

While Pease has always been interested in design, she did not realize her saint art would be so popular. The first composition she made was of Saint John Paul II, and she shared it on Facebook for her friends to enjoy.

“I started putting these designs on Facebook just to kind of share with my friends so they could know what I was up to,” Pease said. “About a week later I checked it and it had over 300 shares…and I was just astonished.”

Growing up, Pease said she enjoyed creating designs with characters from movies and T.V. shows. While attending college for graphic design in Sioux Falls, her art began reflecting her growing faith.

“I started falling more in love with Jesus and the Catholic Church, so for different projects I would do things for the Newman Center or youth ministry office in our diocese, and I really loved that. I wanted to use my talents in design for the Church in some way,” she said.

After college, Pease tried to get a job working for the Church in design, but it didn’t work out. A job at a winery paid the bills, but when she got home in the evening she continued creating designs on her computer with her favorite saints. When they started taking off on Facebook, Pease looked into creating her own design business.

“People started asking, ‘Do you do print?’ or ‘Do you have your designs as posters that I can hang up?’ So it was through those questions that I started looking into…could I actually do this as a job?” she said.

Pease started the printing side of her business after finding a good sale on posters, which she then sold online. She now has her own design business, Cassie Pease designs, which includes free Saint designs for Facebook and computer backgrounds as well as print designs such as posters, postcards and wallets for sale among other things.

Saint John Paul II is Pease’s favorite saint, so there are several designs with different quotes from the late pontiff. …

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