August 6, 2014

Not National News: Ohio Dem’s Gubernatorial Campaign Implodes

Several months ago, based on several far from minor out-of-the-gate mistakes, I characterized the candidacy of the Democratic Party’s challenger to incumbent Republican Governor John Kasich as “the wreck that is Edward FitzGerald.”

In the past week, FitzGerald has utterly imploded. The latest revelation Tuesday afternoon, namely that he had “no license to drive at all from 2002 to 2008,” leaves one wondering whether his party vetted him at all. Former Cleveland Plain Dealer editorial director Brent Larkin calls this “at or near the top of the list” of “bizarre developments” he’s seen in 45 years of covering politics. Despite the fact that Ohio is a key battleground state and that Kasich had in some quarters been seen as vulnerable after his attempt at Scott Walker-like reforms went down in flames in 2011, national news about Fall-Apart FitzGerald is sparse — and when it appears, it’s often made to look like a GOP dirty tricks exercise.


Latest PJ Media Column (‘Updating the Reagan v. Obama Economic Rout’) Is Up

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It’s here — and it is a rout.

It will go up here at BizzyBlog on Friday morning (link won’t work until then) after the blackout expires.

Wednesday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (080614)

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This open thread is meant for commenters to post on items either briefly noted below (if any) or otherwise not covered at this blog. Rules are here.

Positivity: Hero Reunited with St. Paul Family he Helped Rescue from Arson

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From St. Paul, Minnesota (video at link):

Updated: 07/29/2014 7:31 PM
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A man who helped save a mother and baby from a burning home was reunited with the grateful family on Tuesday.

The fire, which was started Monday night at a duplex located on the 1200 block of Albemarle Street, is believed to be arson.

Rick Johann says he didn’t think he would ever go running toward that kind of danger.

Vanessa Pryor, a relative of the woman and baby saved and a resident of the duplex, said she is grateful a stranger helped out.

“I got a call from a little cousin of mine saying my house was on fire, and that my sister was here,” Pryor said. “I pretty much panicked and flew here just to make sure everything was ok, and I couldn’t think of anything except for I have to see my sister’s face. I’ve got to see her. I’ve got to see the baby. And once I saw that her and the baby were ok, that’s all that I could do was thank God.”

Johann rushed into action with his friend before the fire department arrived on the scene.

The St. Paul fire marshal credits Johann with helping the mother and daughter to safety, and says whoever set this fire could have killed them. …

Go here for the rest of the story.

Joe ‘Gaffe-omatic’ Biden Strikes Again, Calling Africa a ‘Nation’; AP, NYT Ignore

They had to invent Sarah Palin’s supposedly most embarrassing gaffe when she was the vice-presidential nominiee in 2008. She never said, “I can see Russia from my house!” Comedienne Tina Fey did. As noted at NewsBusters several days ago, that hasn’t altered the folklore.

You don’t have to invent gaffes for Joe Biden, the man who became Vice President after the 2008 election. He generates them continually. The lists seen here and here contain many of the golden oldies through August of 2012. There have been plenty since then. His latest, following the jump, is a doozy. The smart money would be on the establishment press ignoring it, as they have the vast majority of the others.