August 17, 2014

Positivity: Only a joyful witness will attract, Pope tells religious

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From Kkottongnae, South Korea:

Aug 16, 2014 / 03:22 am

Addressing the religious communities of Korea, Pope Francis urged a deep reliance on the mercy of God and a focus on community life in transmitting the joy of the Gospel to the world.

“Only if our witness is joyful will we attract men and women to Christ,” the Holy Father told a gathering of religious brothers and sisters in South Korea.

“And this joy is a gift which is nourished by a life of prayer, meditation on the word of God, the celebration of the sacraments and life in community,” he explained. “When these are lacking, weaknesses and difficulties will emerge to dampen the joy we knew so well at the beginning of our journey.”

Pope Francis met Aug. 16 with religious communities of Korea at the Training Center “School of Love” in Kkottongnae. The meeting came during the Pope’s Aug. 13-18 visit to South Korea, with coincided with the Sixth Asian Youth Day. Earlier during the trip, he met with youth from across Asia and beatified 124 Korean martyrs at a Mass attended by an estimated 1 million people.

Thanking the religious communities of Korea for their efforts to build the Kingdom of God, Pope Francis observed that religious life is a great gift that enriches the Church.

He called the religious to reflect on the central role that joy must play in their lives.

“The firm conviction of being loved by God is at the center of your vocation: to be for others a tangible sign of the presence of God’s Kingdom, a foretaste of the eternal joys of heaven,” he said. …

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