September 2, 2014

Press Release: Conservative Website ‘Defunded’ in blatant attempt to silence Kasich Criticism

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This came into my inbox last week. It deserves the attention of anyone who hasn’t heard or seen the news (typos corrected; bolds are mine):

Conservative Website “Defunded” in blatant attempt to silence Kasich Criticism

Akron, OH – Today, the Ohio Citizens PAC learned that the conservative website was “Defunded” effective immediately and Chief Writer and Editor Jason Hart has moved on to another organization. Sources close to the situation have suggested that large ORP donors, believed to be in the Cinncinnati area, were pressured by Ohio Governor John Kasich to drop their support of the website in retaliation for its critcism of the Governors performance. has been consistent in pointing out the Governor’s increase spending, the cost of the Governors medicaid expansion push, his lack of transparency in the Jobs Ohio program and his efforts to increase taxes on the oil and gas Industry.

Ohio Citizens PAC President, Tom Zawistowski, said “We have seen this before a few years back when Matt Mayer was heading up the Buckeye Institute. Matt was putting out the facts to the public concerning Ohio’s job situation and the Governor did not like it. Next thing we know, Matt is pushed out of the organization with a lack of funding named as one of the reasons. Governor Kasich rules with an iron fist, anyone or anything that dares to stand up to him or question his decision will be destroyed. That is why Kasich is running virturally unopposed this fall, all competition has been eliminated by any means necessary. Citizens can vote for anyone you want this fall, as long as it’s Governor Kasich.”

Zawistowski went on to say, “With the Columbus Distpatch publisher one of the Governor’s biggest campaign donors and few in state media willing to face the wrath of the Governor, the only place that member of the public can find out the truth about what is going on is through TEA Party websites. In June a scandal was discovered when Leutenant Governor Mary Taylor’s staff was caught doing campaign work on state time. Media coverage was almost non-existent even after the “investigation” of the scandal was turned over to Taylor’s former head of security with hardly a word from the media. Despite evidence of this practice being routine in other areas of the Kasich administration. It is no wonder that most Ohioans have been misled to believe that the Governor has cut taxes – despite having increased state spending by 20% or more. Who’s to report anything different?”

Zawistowski concluded by saying “We thank Jason Hart and the other writers who worked for for giving us information that we in the public had a right to know but otherwise would never have known. We can assure the good Governor, that those of us in the TEA Party will pick up the conservative banner and continue to report on things like common core, the threat to personal property rights posed by regionalism and the EPA, illegal immigration in Ohio, and the truth about state spending and jobs.”

Jason Hart’s most recent MediaTrackers Ohio post as of the time of this BizzyBlog post was on August 28.

Based on the email, that’s all there is and there won’t be any more.

Congrats to Jason for landing another spot. Hopefully, he can continue to cover Ohio from his new perch.


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