January 2, 2015

FBN’s Asman Blasts ‘Atrocious Anti-cop NYT Editorial’ — and Its Timing

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In the midst of properly blasting the New York Times for its disgraceful editorial attacking the NYPD, Fox Business News’s Davd Asman has raised an important question which goes to that board’s fundamental integrity. Specifically, did the Times acquiesce to active efforts by Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office encouraging them to go on the attack, effectively serving as his mouthpiece?

The question also occurred to me several days ago as I read DNAinfo.com’s accounting of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s heavyhanded attempts to get local and even state Democratic politicians to condemn the police department. Excerpts from Asman’s Friday column containing that question follow the jump (bolds are mine):


Kasich’s Four-Year Jobs Report Card: Unimpressive

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The Ohio Republican Party, apparently in the misbegotten belief that the governor has a credible chance of becoming president, has become quite annoying in touting the Kasich administration’s allegedly fabulous success in turning the Buckeye State’s employment situation around.

So let’s look at what has really happened, and compare it to other states.

I looked at Establishment Survey (company payoll) data for all 50 states and DC, identifying each one’s seasonally adjusted peak number of jobs, lowest job total during and after (mostly after) the recession ended, and their November 2014 employment figures.

Here’s how Ohio ranks in those three items (all supporting details are here):



  • Ohio’s percentage job loss from its pre-recession peak, which actually goes all the way back to March of 2006, was the ninth-worst (42nd best) among the 50 states and DC. Those who suffered even more in percentage terms were AZ, CA, FL, ID, MI, NV, OR, SC and WY.
  • Ohio’s job gains since its trough, which occurred in February 2010, place it in the middle of the pack. States with percentage gains exceeding 10 percent include (in high to low order) ND, TX, UT, CO, CA, FL, SC and WY.
  • Ohio employment is still 2.29 percent below where it was at its March 2006 peak. That standing is eighth-worst in the nation. Only AL, MS, NV, NJ (ahem, Chris Christie), NM, RI and WY have seen worse results in recovering lost employment.
  • The “U.S. Exc. Texas” figures are there as a special gift to a fever-swamp Ohio blogger who used to pose as a journalist. Without Texas, which has governed itself in direct opposition to how the federal government has managed its financial affairs, we would only have the barest (+0.17%) of job recovery since all states’ combined pre-recession peaks. If all states had mimicked Washington, there’s no way we’d have an overall jobs recovery yet. (And yes, I’m aware that the current “jobs recovery” includes far more part-time and far fewer full-time jobs — so even what we have isn’t anything calling for any level of satisfaction, let alone celebration.)

Why Ohio’s employment results are anything to crow about is a mystery to me — especially after you consider that Metro Columbus, though its employment growth has slowed during the past 12 months, has still gotten a disproportionate percentage of Kasich-era job growth.

Some may criticize me for looking at total employment instead of private-sector employment. Well, I have news: Contrary to conveyed impressions, seasonally adjusted state employment has grown by 4,600 since December 2010, when the “New Way, New Day” crowd arrived.

Latest PJ Media Column (‘Pew’s Wealth Report: P-U’) Went Up Last Night

It’s here.

It will go up here at BizzyBlog on Sunday morning (link won’t work until then) after the blackout expires.


As seen here earlier this morning, the column, which I turned in for review a couple of days ago, got published coincidentally on the day of former New York Governor Mario Cuomo’s death.

Cuomo is best remembered for his 1984 speech at the Democratic National Convention. The PJ Media column shows that the next two decades-plus of history — “the greatest period of wealth creation in the history of the planet.” — thoroughly refuted the contentions he made with such rhetorical flourish in that speech.

Mario Cuomo in 1984: High on Passion, Low on Accuracy

Former New York Governor Mario Cuomo, who died on Thursday, is predictably being lionized today by USA Today’s Aamer Madhani “as (a) giant in political rhetoric,” and by others elsewhere in similarly glowing terms.

Madhani goes on to characterize the three-term Empire State chief executive’s 1984 Democratic Convention speech in San Francisco as “what is widely considered one of the finest pieces of political rhetoric in recent memory.” That it probably was. But he also calls it “a full-throated rebuttal of President Ronald Reagan, who would go on to a landslide victory over the Democratic nominee Walter Mondale.” On that, Madhani is absolutely wrong. It was an attempt at a rebuttal which has since been thoroughly refuted and discredited.


Friday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (010215)

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This open thread is meant for commenters to post on items either briefly noted below (if any) or otherwise not covered at this blog. Rules are here.

Positivity: Colo. cop saves life with CPR for second time in a week

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From Colorado Springs:

Dec 30, 2014

He resuscitated a 50-year-old unresponsive woman who may have overdosed; earlier in the week he revived a 13-day-old baby

… On Monday night, Officer Christopher Frabbiele answered a call at a Fossil Drive home in northeast Colorado Springs, where a woman who had possibly overdosed, was not breathing and had no pulse, police said.

Frabbiele, the first person to arrive on scene, reported that the unresponsive 50-year-old woman was turning blue. The officer began CPR, and administered chest compressions while the woman’s husband assisted with the breaths.

Medical responders with the Colorado Springs Fire Department arrived just as the woman regained consciousness, police said.

Frabbiele’s actions likely saved her life, police said.

On Dec. 17, Officer Mike Palmer performed CPR on a 13-day-old baby until medical responders arrived.

The baby, who was unconscious and not breathing, was revived and taken to the hospital.

Go here for the full story.