January 6, 2015

Rangel: ‘I Was Never Moved Until I Saw Dead People That Looked Like Me’

Let’s imagine a white Congressman saying that when he served in Vietnam, he was never moved at the sight of a dead U.S. soldier unless he was white. His career would be over, and deservedly so, within about five minutes of his statement. If he was a conservative or a Republican, even if he resigned instantly and was roundly and unanimously condemned by his colleagues, the press would remind us of that racist statement for years on end.

Now switch races and change the war to Korea. Otherwise, 23-term New York Democratic Congressman Charles Rangel just did the same thing on Monday on MSNBC, and you can almost make book that the establishment press will ignore it:


Luke Russert: Boehner Survived Challenge from GOP’s ‘Barking’ ‘Kamikaze Caucus’

Longtime journalist Tim Russert, who among many other things hosted NBC’s Meet the Press for over 17 years, passed away suddenly in June 2008.

His son Luke now works for NBC, and among other things is a Meet the Press panelist. Based on some of his more recent output, Luke is perhaps better described not a journalist, but as the network’s desginated childish, mean-spirited namecaller. After House Speaker John Boehner survived a fairly strong challenge from Republicans frustrated with his leadership, particularly the “cromnibus” legislation passed late last year on his watch, Luke took to Twitter and hauled out an insulting, ethnically charged epithet to describe those who opposed the Speaker’s reelection (HT Twitchy):


Tuesday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (010615)

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Positivity: A good samaritan saves a Monroe man whose car submerged in Bayou Desiard

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From Monroe, Louisiana (video at link):

Posted: Mon 6:30 PM, Dec 29, 2014

Over the weekend a man jumped into Bayou Desiard to save another man trapped inside his car.

Ladarius Standifer lost control of his SUV Saturday morning and landed in Bayou Desiard. Standifer was in a white 2002 Tahoe turning right on Warkhawk Way when before he knew it he was locked in his car, sinking, unable to get out.

“He told me I saved his life,” says Darrell McNeal.

Darrell McNeal was over at the Kangaroo gas station when he heard the screeching tires and the sound of a vehicle crashing into the water. He said he didn’t even have time to think twice, he ran over as fast as he could to offer a helping hand.

“The closest thing to me at the time was a rock so that’s what I grabbed and I seen him inside trying to open the door and he couldn’t open the door,” says McNeal.

Stanifer’s SUV was about 15 feet from the bank, but his windows wouldn’t go down and his doors wouldn’t open.

“He told me he couldn’t swim and I couldn’t either and I went in anyways and coached him to get out of the window,” says McNeal.

Sergeant Glenn Kramel was a part of the Monroe dive team for more than fourteen years. He says most cars will stay afloat for several seconds to a few minutes.

“As the vehicle goes down into the water the engine will go out and the electrical system will short out. So all the power functions of your vehicles are gone,” says Kramel.

Kramel says the best thing to do is to remain calm, unbuckle your seat belt, and attempt to break out a window. …

Go here for the rest of the story.