January 10, 2015

Barely News: Dire Venezuelan Shortages Bring Military Into Grocery Stores

Three results returned in a search at the Associated Press’s national site on “Venezuela” tell us almost nothing about that country’s deepening economic crisis.

An unbylined January 10 item reports on the visit of Nicolas Maduro, the country’s de facto dictator, to Iran in hopes of “stabilizing” (i.e., raising) oil prices. A second unbylined report on January 9 tells readers that there’s really nothing to worry (oh sure) about in China’s growing Latin American influence. Only the faintest hint of the horrors everyday Venezuelans are now experiencing appeared on January 7. The following two paragraphs appeared at the very end of a report describing Maduro’s visit to China:


CNN’s Christiane Amanpour Calls Charlie Hebdo Terrorists ‘Activists’

The list of unhinged statements and rants coming from left-leaning journalists in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris is getting miles long.

Among them all, one especially sticks out. In one of the earliest retreats to twisted, gutless characterizations of the Charlie Hebdo terrorists, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, who is also ABC’s global affairs anchor, called them “activists.” Greg Gutfeld of Fox News commented on Amanpour’s annihilation of the English langauge and went after the “fear of (right-wing) backlash” mindset on Friday.


Saturday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (011015)

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Positivity: Wappingers woman says firemen saved her life

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From Wappingers Falls, New York:

8:15 p.m. EST January 4, 2015

An elderly woman rescued from a smoke-filled apartment said she “wouldn’t have made it … if not for” firefighters who got her out of the home.

Christina Augoustatos, 64, who lives with her family in a third-floor apartment in the Wappingers Falls Owners Corporation complex, located on Route 9 in the village was home alone on Friday night when she noticed her apartment filling with smoke, due to a kitchen fire on the second floor of the complex.

“It was terrible … I was so scared,” said Augoustatos, who added that there was so much smoke in her home, she couldn’t see the walls.

The hallway outside Augoustatos’ apartment had also filled with smoke, so she went out to her balcony and called 911.

Firefighters from the Village of Wappingers Falls Fire Department and New Hamburg Fire District responded, and Village fire Chief Jason Enson and New Hamburg assistant Chief Brian Whitten “went up” to Augoustatos’ balcony to get her down, the chief said.

“Thank God … if not for the two guys, I wouldn’t have made it,” said, Augoustatos, who lives with her husband, daughter and four-year-old granddaughter. “There’s so much smoke in … the hallway, the stairs. We can’t even see the wall, it was black.”

Augoustatos said she was “so dizzy … I couldn’t stand up … I can’t even breathe. I got scared and panicked. They (Enson and Whitten) both helped me” use a breathing mask. …

Go here for the rest of the story.