June 11, 2015

Jon Stewart Mocks NY Times Coverage of Rubio, Leaves Key Points on the Cutting Room Floor

If you're Comedy Central's Jon Stewart, you know you have to do the occasional segment going after the establishment press or left-wing groups to maintain appearances.

The James O'Keefe-ACORN saga in 2009 was one such instance. If Stewart hadn't dealt with it, his pretense of being supposedly fair to both left and right would have been blown out of the water. The incredibly petty New York Times reports on Marco Rubio’s traffic tickets and finances fit the media version of the "We'd better do something with this or else" template. The video which follows the jump shows that Stewart only had a pair of strong moments, while missing at least a couple of key opportunities to make important points with humor.


AP’s Crutsinger on May Deficit Ignores Debt Ceiling, Regurgitates 5 Paragraphs From Month-Earlier Missive

In addition to his usual tired historical revisionism, the Associated Press’s Martin Crutsinger, in his report on May’s budget deficit of $82 billion, failed to mention that the nation is once again operating at the legal limit of its authorized debt. Additionally, he mailed in his final five paragraphs, virtually copying what he wrote on May 12 in covering April’s surplus.

The nation’s debt ceiling has been stuck at $18.15 trillion since mid-March. Since then, the Treasury Department has taken “so-called extraordinary measures to allow continued borrowing for a limited time” (i.e., engaged in accounting and bookkeeping gimmickry) to keep the official debt total at that amount. Treasury’s ability to do this is now expected to run out in December. A few paragraphs from Crutsinger’s report follow the jump (bolds are mine):


Seasonally Adjusted Retail Sales Jump: Horse Manure; Year-Over-Year Wholesale Sales Still Trail

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Here’s why I don’t buy the supposedly fantasmagorical jump in retail sales:


The smallest actual April to May percentage increase in the past four years somehow generated the BEST seasonally adjusted increase — by miles.

Horse manure.

Additionally, the year-over-year unadjusted May 2015 increase over May 2014 is just under 1 percent. After seasoning, it rounds to 2.7 percent.

Again — Horse manure.

The press’s and pundits’ hosannahs for today’s retail sales results are misplaced.

Given the fact that the Bureau of Economic Analysis uses seasonalized retail sales (and not the raw data) in compiling GDP, it is certainly vulnerable to a charge that it’s using tainted source data.

As to wholesale inventories, they went up by 0.4 percent. The trouble is that year-over-year sales are still in serious decline:


April’s seasonally adjusted figure is 3.4 percent last July’s peak.

Seasonal chicanery aside, these are not indications of anything resembling a strong economy.

Paul Ryan’s (and Steve Chabot’s) Nancy Pelosi Moment

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I was told yesterday that Congressman Steve Chabot intends to vote for the trade bill. I was told by his office today that the situation is “fluid.”

Since Ryan has gone off the deep end, I thought I would provide this reminder to then-not-Congressman Chabot about one of the things he wrote in March 2010 as he was working to get himself back into office:

Steve Driehaus cynically led the public to believe that he would vote against the Senate version of the health care bill – then he voted for it. But that really shouldn’t surprise anyone. Back in the Fall, when the House version of the bill was being considered, he said unequivocally that he would not vote for the House bill if it “placed additional burdens on small businesses or added to the deficit.” It did both, but he voted for it anyway. The people of this community deserve a Congressman who will tell them the truth, and they sure don’t have that now.

Remember when Speaker Pelosi (whom Driehaus has voted with 94% of the time) made the inane comment that “we have to pass the bill so you can see what’s in it?” Well, most of us had a pretty good idea what was in it, and that’s why most of us rejected the Democrats’ so-called health care reform. But Driehaus and his liberal bosses in Washington believe that they are so intellectually superior that they know what’s best for us. Forget the fact that thousands and thousands of American citizens have attended town hall meetings, marches, rallies, written emails and letters, called Congressional offices, even traveled all the way to Washington, D.C. to voice their opposition to this government power grab. Dr. Driehaus and Dr. Pelosi know better.

I don’t really need to substitute names and words in the second paragraph to make my point, do I, Steve?

Marilyn Mosby Update

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Video well worth watching, with no further comment from yours truly necessary (HT Daily Caller via The Blaze):

Never Forget:
Pentagon WTC Flight 93

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