June 13, 2015

At AP, Boston’s Same-Sex Bathrooms Are a National Story, But Deval Patrick’s Slush Funds Aren’t

The results of a search on the name of former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick at the Associated Press’s main national site are revealing — both for what is there and what isn’t. It’s an understatment to say that the wire service’s priorities are warped.

What isn’t there is any news about the results of a Boston Herald investigation which found that “Patrick’s administration secretly diverted nearly $27 million in public money to off-budget accounts that paid for a $1.35 million trade junket tab, bloated advertising contracts, and a deal with a federally subsidized tourism venture backed by U.S. Sen. Harry Reid.” The AP determined that this news only deserved a brief and woefully inadequate local story.


Positivity: Knights of Columbus see fifteenth consecutive year of increased charitable giving

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From Bridgeport, Connecticut:

Jun 9, 2015 / 09:19 pm

The Knights of Columbus have been preparing to welcome Pope Francis to the U.S. this autumn with record-setting charity, having raised more than $173 million in 2014.

The world’s largest Catholic fraternity achieved an all-time record in donations and community service hours in 2014. The Knights of Columbus raised more than $173.5 million and served more than 71.5 million hours.

In a June 8 statement Supreme Knight Carl Anderson commented that “charity has been at the heart of the Knights’ mission for the past 133 years.”

According to Anderson, the Pope will see the Church in America alive “with love of God and love of neighbor, and the Knights of Columbus are excellent examples of this reality.”

For the 15th consecutive year, the Knights of Columbus has increased its charitable giving.

Preelection FBI ‘Active Shooter’ Study Team Admits Media Misinterpreted It — Six Months Later

In late September 2014, the Federal Bureau of Investigation released “A Study of Active Shooter Incidents in the United States, 2000-2013.”

To say the least, the report’s issuance, timed six weeks before the midterm elections, and its topic (“a specific type of shooting situation law enforcement and the public may face”) were curious. Given the press’s inclination to sensationalize and politicize any report on gun violence, its findings were especially vulnerable to misinterpretation. When that quite predictably happened, the FBI and the study’s authors appear to have done nothing to correct errant media reports. It also appears that they would have remained silent about those media distortions if longtime gun rights advocate John Lott Jr. hadn’t called them out in a professional criminal justice journal.


Saturday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (061315)

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This open thread is meant for commenters to post on items either briefly noted below (if any) or otherwise not covered at this blog. Rules are here.