June 22, 2015

Stephanie ‘Space to Destroy’ Rawlings-Blake to Head U.S. Mayors’ Group, Safe From Concerns About Media Scrutiny

The left’s “screw up, move up” principle for career advancement appears to be at play again. Of course, the press is playing up the move-up, and ignoring the screw-ups.

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, whose statements and strategies inarguably led to more property destruction and civil disorder than would have occurred if someone more responsible had been in charge back during that city’s April riots, has been named the next national president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors. This means that the person who on the first night of rioting in that city publicly admitted that she “gave those who wished to destroy space to do that,” and who a couple of nights later, according to a Maryland county sheriff, “gave an order for police to stand down as riots broke out,” will now presume to speak for the Democrat-dominated group.


Veteran Dem Loses San Antonio Mayor’s Race; AP Doesn’t Name Her Party

A terse, five-paragraph June 14 Associated Press report on the results of San Antonio’s mayoral election the previous day gave no indication of the party affiliation or political outlook of the winner or loser.

Readers could only determine that the winner, Ivy Taylor, became “the first African-American elected to the post,” which of course had to mean that the handpicked candidate to succeed Julian Castro, who left to the post to become President Obama’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, had triumphed. But it didn’t. The AP report gave no indication that the Democrats’ handpicked Hispanic candidate had lost a race they thought they were on track to win six weeks earlier.


Quote of the Day: Booker T. Washington, and the Quote’s Application to Charleston

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Someone reminded me of the following quote this morning:

“I am afraid that there is a certain class of race problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public.”

~ Booker T. Washington ~

Sadly, these “race problem solvers,” now more aptly known as race hustlers, do make a living. But I should note, to their everlasting credit, that the good people of Charleston, South Carolina have refused to aid and abet them.

Within hours of the Charleston massacre Tuesday night (i.e., about 1 a.m. Wednesday morning), Al Sharpton announced that he would be traveling there.

Given that he tweeted that he was back in New York before 7 a.m. on Thursday in time for a morning interview, it seems that Sharpton left Charleston sometime Wednesday evening, and probably didn’t spend more than about 12 hours there.

Another person suggested that Sharpton turned tail because he was told in no uncertain terms that his presence was not helpful. Though you’ll never see anyone admit that, that seems about right.

My tipster’s belief is further supported by, among other things, the remarkable stories of forgiveness and the huge crowd, estimated at 20,000, which attended the “Bridge for Peace Unity Chain” on Sunday.

God bless Charleston, which is showing the nation how to respond.

Lame, and Unacceptable: AP Says ‘Gun at Head’ Photos of Cruz Had No Bad Intent

The Associated Press, although it has apparently removed the primary photo involved from where it was posted last night at its APimages.com web site, is showing no remorse over having published what it has now admitted are five photos of 2016 Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz containing “guns seen on a wall in the background so that it appeared a pistol was pointed at Sen. Cruz’s head.”

AP Media Relations Director Paul Colford, in a statement seen at the Politico and Mediaite which he has not mentioned at his Twitter feed and (as far as I can tell) hasn’t posted at any official wire service page, wants us to know that they had no bad intentions — so would everyone please leave them alone so they can continue purveying their “unintended” filth? It’s hard to have any reaction other than that to Colford’s lame and completely unacceptable statement, which follows the jump.


Positivity: Top US bishops unwavering in support of traditional marriage ahead of Synod

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From St. Louis:

Jun 17, 2015 / 03:04 am

In their spring general assembly held last week, just four months before the Synod on the Family in Rome, top U.S. bishops took a united stand in support of marriage and family life as the Church has always understood it.

“We need to be more effective in our communication of the meaning of marriage as one man and one woman, on married couples’ call to be open to life, and on the dignity and responsibility of the vocation of marriage,” Archbishop Joseph Kurtz of Louisville, president of the U.S. bishop’s conference, told the assembly June 11.

An incorrectly translated relatio document, as well as skewed media coverage and news of the “Kasper proposal” during last year’s Extraordinary Synod led to confusion among some Catholics about the purpose and practical effects of the Synod on the Family.

This year, speculation and anticipation about the outcome of the synod has been rampant, causing Pope Francis himself to call for more prayer and less “gossip” about the upcoming meeting.

In an interview with CNA, Archbishop Kurtz said that while he is glad that there is so much excitement leading up to the synod, he would ask Catholics to become students of the process of the synod in order to best understand what is happening.

“I tell anyone who asks: please read the materials, because the work of the synod will be based on how we ended the last synod,” he said. “If someone really wants to follow the process, they really need to become students of that.”

Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York told EWTN News Nightly he sees many reasons to hope that the upcoming synod will be just what the Church needs in terms of better serving married couples and families. …

Go here for the rest of the story.