June 29, 2015

Hillary Deleted Passages, Edited Emails Delivered to State; Will Press Ignore?

Yeah, yeah. This post is about Hillary Clinton. The left and the press (but I repeat myself) insist that nobody cares about her scandalous behavior, or her evasiveness, or her demonstrated serial dishonesty. And even though a large and growing percentage of Americans don’t trust her, that doesn’t matter either, because she’ll still get most of their votes. That’s because no one wants to ever-ever-ever-ever see a non-Democrat take the White House again. So yeah, I know, we should just shut up already. Well, if you’re on the left and reading this, do us a favor and spare us any condescension you might include in the comments. People who remain in touch with reality will recognize that what follows is pretty darned important. Perhaps by some miracle someone in the establishment press with a conscience will too.

Six weeks ago, I marveled at how nobody in the press thought that it was the least bit unusual that Hillary Clinton’s team submitted supposedly complete paper copies of the “non-personal” emails present on the secret private server she kept at her New York home while serving as the nation’s Secretary of State. A Washington Examiner report today (HT Ace) has provided the likely best (i.e., really the worst) reason why Mrs. Clinton handled the situation as she did.


Katy Perry and the Nuns

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Item: “Nuns Refuse to Sell Convent to ‘Deeply Religious’ Katy Perry”

Let’s look at this, shall we?

There’s way too much conspiracy talk about rock and pop musicians, especially “creative” interpretations of often innocent or incoherent lyrics.

But the following video doesn’t rely on conspiracy or interpretation. It relies on Katy Perry’s plainly stated words and song lyrics (article link):

“I sold my soul to the devil.”

Readers who want to insist that Perry’s act is some of huge exercise in sarcasm or try to offer up some equivalent excuse can’t deny that a lot of impressionable young fans don’t get the “joke.”

So at the very least, the press needs to spare us from nonsense like this:

“And the great irony, as Hallie mentioned, is Katy Perry comes from a deeply religious family. Her father’s an evangelical preacher.”

In the video, beginning at the 3:34 mark, we learn that Perry’s father, an ordained minister, “acknowledged that she is doing Satan’s work.”

He certainly doesn’t think it’s all just a bunch of sarcasm or some kind of “joke.”

If the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary feel like they would be doing wrong by selling their property to Perry, they appear to be on quite solid ground.

AP Writer Dodges Own Question About the State of China’s Slowing Economy

The world’s financial markets had a terrible Monday.

The debt crisis in Greece (population: 11 million) has been dominating the headlines and the press’s attention, while serious deterioration in China (population: 1.36 billion) is getting short shrift. It isn’t just that the mainland Chinese stock market has broken the bear-market decline threshold of 20 percent in less than three weeks, dropping 21.5 percent from its June 12 peak. Its underlying economy, to the extent that such things can be ascertained in an information-controlled and news-manipulated society, appears to be in serious trouble. Associated Press reporter Ken Sweet, in a Friday Q&A writeup, emulated the worst tendencies of politicians. He posed a question about China’s economy, “answered” it with a complete dodge, and pretended that its economy hasn’t started slowing yet (bolds are mine throughout this post):


Bob Costas’s Bogus ‘Apology’ After Ripping Cubs Pitcher Unmasks an Intense Hostility Towards Religious Expression

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To be clear, professional sports broadcasting is thankfully long past the time when the announcers would annoyingly sugarcoat dismal player performances. (Though I would prefer that those who actually played the game engage in this criticism, and that play-by-play announcers who haven’t try to stay away from it.)

So it would have been somewhat acceptable if veteran NBC broadcaster Bob Costas, as he was doing the play-by-play for a Friday night Chicago Cubs-St. Louis Cardinals game, had merely stated the obvious, i.e., that Cubs relief pitcher Pedro Strop, after giving up a home run, hitting a batter, and walking one while only getting one out, had an “atrocious” outing. But that’s not what he said. Costas ridiculed Strop for (imagine that) looking up and pointing to the heavens as he headed towards the Cubs’ dugout.


Monday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (062915)

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This open thread is meant for commenters to post on items either briefly noted below (if any) or otherwise not covered at this blog. Rules are here.

Positivity: Modern martyrs should inspire US Christians, archbishop says

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From Baltimore:

Jun 22, 2015 / 04:11 pm

The plight of persecuted religious believers overseas should inspire American Catholics and others to continue their defense of religious freedom at home, Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore said.

“What solidarity we should have with these believers. We should be inspired by their courage and renewed in our resolve not to let religious freedom in our country be compromised by degrees until it all but disappears from our society,” the archbishop said.

“They are the ones who teach us about God’s precious gift of religious freedom,” he said in a June 21 homily. “No matter how great the threat to life and property, these believers exercise that God-given freedom which no tyrant can eradicate – the freedom to bear witness to one’s faith even at the cost of one’s life.”

U.S. religious freedom challenges are not the same magnitude as outright persecution facing Christians in other countries, he said, but U.S. Christians are nevertheless “in the same boat.”

Archbishop Lori’s homily came during Mass at Baltimore’s Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. About 1,000 people attended the Mass, which launched the U.S. bishops’ third Fortnight for Freedom event.

Archbishop Lori heads the U.S. bishops’ religious freedom committee.

“We seek the freedom to bear witness to Christ’s love, not just in church but in our service to the wider community through works of justice and charity, education, social services, and health care,” the archbishop said, echoing the 2015 campaign’s theme “Freedom to Bear Witness.”

The event, from June 21-July 4, coincides with the feasts of saints including Thomas More and John Fisher. It is intended to raise awareness about threats to religious freedom in the U.S. and about the need for religious freedom protections like the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. …

Go here for the rest of the story.