July 8, 2015

AP Pair: Sit Back and Accept the ‘New Normal’ Job Market: ‘Smaller Workforce, Sluggish Pay’

As seen in two previous posts at NewsBusters, once the Associated Press’s Christopher Rugaber didn’t get the job market “nearing full health” he expected and briefly thought he got in Thursday’s jobs report, he quickly downgraded it to “painting a mixed picture,” and took it further down to “a bleaker picture” about eight hours later.

That still left the problem, six years after the recession’s official end, of explaining away yet another disappointing job-market reading in three quite visible areas. How did Rugaber and colleague Josh Boak “fix” the problem? They decided to say that “this may be what a nearly healthy U.S. job market now looks like.” In other words, this is merely the end of the sixth year of the “new normal.”


AP’s Rugaber Changed Jobs Report Assessment Again on Thursday, From ‘Mixed’ to ‘Bleaker Picture’

The Associated Press’s Christopher Rugaber had a very bad day on Thursday as he covered the government’s June jobs report, but it was all self-inflicted.

I noted much of the problem in a NewsBusters post yesterday, citing how the AP economics writer got badly burned while engaging in the wire service’s usual practice of analyzing expected and reported economic results instead of concentrating on relaying the facts. But there’s more.


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Positivity: An Outstanding Impromptu Rendition of ‘God Bless the USA’

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Lee Greenwood sang his iconic “God Bless the USA” between periods of the NHL’s 2015 “Winter Classic” outdoor game in Washington, DC on New Year’s Day, but the real treat came off-stage in a concourse at Nationals Park. Fortunately, it was recorded on a smart phone, so you can enjoy it this Independence Day.

Gabrielle Dube, an intern for the event, posted it with this description: “After Lee Greenwood’s performance during the intermission, he met with the Military Choir to take pictures and it sparked an impromptu a cappella version of ‘God Bless the USA.’ Amazing!”