July 11, 2015

NY Times Blames Dylann Roof’s Gun Purchase on ‘System’ Loophole, Then ‘Law’ Loophole — Not Government Incompetence

Apparently nothing is ever the government’s fault during the Obama era — even a clear failure by authorities to prevent an alleged mass-murderer from acquiring a gun, and their failure to retrieve it once he obtained it.

Earlier today, before it went down the paper’s frequently used memory hole, reporter Michael S. Schmidt wrote in his second paragraph (evidence here and here) that alleged mass murderer Dylann Roof got a gun despite having a disqualifying drug-possession arrest because of “A loophole in the (national background check) system and an error by the F.B.I.” After apparently pushback from some readers, Schmidt revised his report, moving his “loophole” language to a much later paragraph, and characterized it as a problem with “the law,” which is still completely wrong.

I will show that Roof’s continued possession of a gun he should not have been allowed to keep is completely the fault of the people at the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

First, here are excerpts from Schmidt’s writeup (bolds are mine throughout this post):


Saturday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (071115)

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Positivity: Hiker’s dog saved his life when they were hit by lightning

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From the Colorado mountains (audio at link):

Tuesday June 30, 2015

Hiker Jonathan Hardman survived a lightning strike in the Colorado mountains last weekend. Doctors believe his dog Rambo may have saved his life.

Hardman tells As It Happens guest-host Susan Bonner: “We started making our way down Mount Bierstadt when a cloud moved in. I was hurrying up, when next thing I know I felt extreme pain. Then I woke up with blood on the inside of my sunglasses…every muscle in my body had tightened up. It was a very intense feeling, I had no use of my arms or legs, I had been knocked unconscious.”

Hardman says: “When I came to, I sat there trying to regain my breath. The first thing I started thinking of was ‘where’s my dog?’ Then I started crawling around…yelling for my dog. I didn’t see him right away, then I spotted him up there on top of a rock just laying there. And, you know, a dog doesn’t just lay like that. He was right there next to me when it all happened. The charge went through both of our bodies, and that was how he passed. When I got to the hospital, the doctors told me that had he not been there, I would not have made it. Rambo helped take some of that electrical current out of my body.” …

Go here for the rest of the story.

At AP, Crutsinger’s Too-Convenient Mislabeling Hides Steep Decline in Wholesale Sales

Martin Crutsinger has been a business and economics writer at the Associated Press for over three decades. Certain people in high places apparently hold him in high regard. In early 2014, on his 30th anniversary with the wire service, he is said to have received congratulatory letters from soon-to-be Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen, soon-to-be-former chair Ben Bernanke and Obama administration Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, which he clearly enjoyed as those in attendance munched on a very delicious-looking cake.

We can’t know whether the congrats from those heavy hitters merely marked a career milestone, or if they included an element of “Thanks for toeing the line all these years.” What I do know is that the dispatch Crutsinger wrote Friday morning on the government’s gruesome May wholesale trade report contains errors and instances of ignorance which really do take the cake.