July 28, 2015

Planned Parenthood Is Telling Media Undercover Videos ‘Should Not Be Aired’

In some areas of the country, Planned Parenthood has gone on the offensive against local and regional news outlets in an attempt to minimize the exposure of damning undercover videos produced by the Center for Medical Progress. They are telling these outlets that the videos “should not be aired.” This is an attempt at corporate censorship which the establishment press would treat as important news if almost any other corporation — for-profit or not-for-profit — made such an attempt.


Following on the heels of two videos released during the past two weeks, today’s third video, titled “Human Capital – Episode 1,” which clearly indicates that there’s more to come, as Breitbart News describes it, “shows doctors discussing how to maximize revenue from (the) sale of fetal tissue.” A North Dakota TV station (HT Jammie Wearing Fool via Truth Revolt and Life News) reports that it has obtained what it described as “a letter (sent) to TV stations in Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota.” Here is the full letter (bolds are mine), complete with reckless, desperate and unsubstantiated charges:


AP Fails to Note That Drastic Consumer Confidence Drop Is Worst in Four Years

The Conference Board’s July Consumer Confidence report released earlier today threw a heavy dose of cold water on the idea that the economy might finally achieve a broad-based, genuine recovery this year.

Despite month after month of “all is well” reporting — and excuse-making when all hasn’t been well — from the U.S. business press, the American public has apparently finally figured out that all is far from well. July’s overall reading of 90.9 was 8.9 points lower than June’s 99.8, the biggest single-month drop in almost four years — something Reuters and Bloomberg News noted, but which, as would be expected, the Associated Press, the nation’s de facto news gatekeeper, failed to report.


WashPost’s Milbank Is Paranoid About How ‘Dangerous’ Scott Walker Is

The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank is obsessed with tearing Wisconsin Governor and 2016 GOP presidential candidate Scott Walker down, and is clearly not above distorting the facts to make his pathetic points.

Milbank’s latest tirade is about how Walker is allegedly “so dangerous” because he doesn’t like unions. That’s based on quite a bit of direct experience, which has included death threats against him and his family, frequent harassment of his parents, and attempts by labor to intimidate businesses which wouldn’t publicly express support for their cause.


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Positivity: Federer Builds 50 New Preschools in Africa, Hugged by Kids on First Visit

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From the Good News Network (video at link):

July 22, 2015

Some of Roger Federer’s biggest—and youngest—fans are probably too tiny to know about his victories on the tennis court, and too touched by poverty to care much.

They just know he’s the man behind the creation of preschools across southern Africa where now are learning and growing healthy, with a hearty meal every day.

They were thrilled recently when the tennis great came to visit them for the first time, in celebration of the tenth anniversary of his Roger Federer Foundation.

The 34 year-old Swiss athlete has funded the building of schools for years, like this one in the video located in Malawi. He spent the day at the preschool visiting, sitting in classes, helping cook and serve lunch, and hanging out with the kids on their playground.

The early childhood centers are scattered throughout six countries, with more than 50 preschools in Malawi alone.

“I’m so happy and emotional that I can see a preschool of this quality here–it’s quite extraordinary,” said Federer during his visit. …

Go here for the rest of the story.