August 14, 2015

Not News: StemExpress’s Thursday Courtroom Setback Against Center For Medical Progress

As Spencer Raley at NewsBusters noted earlier this evening, StemExpress, “the now infmmous biomedical company which allegedly bought fetal tissue from Planned Parenthood for profit, is breaking off its relationship with the nation’s leading abortion provider.” Raley referenced a Politico item by Jennifer Haberkorn with a mid-afternoon Friday time stamp. As far as I can tell, it is the only establishment press outlet to note this development.

No establishment press outlet has noted a key courtroom development yesterday which may have been what really drove StemExpress to make its move — a move which, by the way, has not been announced in the “news” section at the company’s web site, even though it has posted five other items during the past month relating to the Planned Parenthood fetal tissue outrages.


Two Weak Signs, and Some Relief in Another

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Sales and Inventories

Yesterday, the government’s “MANUFACTURING AND TRADE INVENTORIES AND SALES” report for June 2015 reported the sixth straight month of declining year-over-year sales for all manufacturing and trade sectors combined ($1.325 trillion vs. $1.359 trillion, seasonally adjusted, and $1.379 trillion vs. $1.385 trillion before seasonal adjustment).

Meanwhile, seasonally adjusted inventories went up again (from 1.791 trillion to $1.812 trillion). That’s because inventories before seasonal adjustment, which usually drop quite a bit in June, didn’t drop at all. Both the raw and seasonally adjusted figures are 3 percent above levels of a year ago.

The Census Bureau noted that “The total business inventories/sales ratio based on seasonally adjusted data at the end of June was 1.37. The June 2014 ratio was 1.30.” That’s the higest ratio since mid-2009.

So the bloated inventories situation worsened in June. Unless big increases in sales are on tap for the third and fourth quarters, significant inventory trimming which will ripple back through the production cycle seems inevitable.

European GDP

Eurozone GDP growth turned in a second quarter performance in the annualized 1.5 percent range. The U.S. economy isn’t going to get a lot of help from the EU.

Industrial Production

After six very week months where the combined monthly figures showed a 1.1 percent decline, industrial production increased by 0.6 percent in July.

That’s a nice bit of relief after a very long dry spell, but it needs to happen at least couple more times in future months.

NewsBusted (080915)

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Completing the catchup campaign, here goes:

– Obama Vacation
– Martha’s Vineyard
– Hillary Clinton Poll Numbers
– 13 HOURS movie
– Census Bureau
– GOP Candidates
– Iran Nuke Deal
– Border Crisis

Best Lines:

  • “The Obamas love Marth’s Vineyard. It gives them a chance to see how the other half of the top 1 percent live.”
  • “Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers continue to fall. Pollsters say it’s too soon to draw a conclusion, but it could be a sign that Americans are getting smarter.”
  • “The Census Bureau reports that so far this year, more than 2 millino babies have been born in the U.S. — Or as Planned Parenthood calls these babies, ‘the ones that got away.’”
  • “New polls show 65 percent of adults disapprove of President Obama’s handling of the border crisis. The other 35 percent responded ‘No comprende.’”

Friday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (081415)

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This open thread is meant for commenters to post on items either briefly noted below (if any) or otherwise not covered at this blog. Rules are here.

Positivity: A street party for Don Bosco – 15,000 turn up to celebrate saint in Lima

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From Lima, Peru:

Aug 13, 2015 / 03:59 am

More than 15,000 members of the Salesian Family turned out August 9 on the streets of Lima, Peru, as part of the celebration of Bicentennial of the Birth of Don Bosco.

Speaking to CNA, Father Santo Dal Ben, the provincial for the Salesians in Peru, said that this event “can be read as a sign of the sensibility there is today towards the family, especially in a society that sometimes ‘shakes up’ the family. There’s a lot of different ways of thinking, but not the attention due the family, and it’s obvious that this brings with it consequences that are not positive.”

“The idea behind this march wasn’t to come out against anything or anybody, instead it was to reaffirm a value that we consider very important…We feel we are in profound communion with the thinking of the pope in this regard,” he added.

Don Bosco is an Italian saint born in the 1800s who spent his life educating and helping improve the lives of disadvantaged children in the city of Turin. The Salesian superior recalled how Don Bosco responded to the anxieties of these young people who had lost their family ties when they were abandoned or because they had to leave home in search of work.

“Back then to provide an education they had to recreate the family environment and that’s what Don Bosco did. So there in the oratory at Turin, Italy, Don Bosco developed this family experience; in some way recreating the family bonds of relationship and fatherhood that are experienced in every family,” the Salesian priest pointed out.

The event, entitled “A Walk with Don Bosco as a Family,” attracted various members of the Salesian Family – young people, parents, children, grandparents and religious, singing and cheering, carrying signs about Don Bosco and the value of the family. …

Go here for the rest of the story.