August 16, 2015

Press Yawns After ABC Reports That Hillary’s Server Was ‘Likely’ Backed Up

Today on ABC’s This Week, Jonathan Karl reported that “Platte River Networks, the Colorado company which set up (Hillary) Clinton’s servers, told ABC News that it’s highly likely that a full backup of the server was made, meaning those thousands of emails she deleted may still exist.”

This from all appearances huge development has only drawn the interest of several center-right blogs and outlets, a few of which include Twitchy, Breitbart, and the Daily Caller. The establishment press to this point appears determined to ignore it. Can anyone imagine a similar level of disinterest in a highly significant story affecting a Republican or conservative presidential candidate — or, for that matter, the press standing by without pushback if the candidate exhibited the level of mocking, defiant arrogance Mrs. Clinton has consistently shown?


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Positivity: Take a hike – and you just might find God, these trekkers say

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From Santiago, Chile:

Aug 12, 2015 / 04:02 am

Some people hike to compete, others to challenge themselves. But as the sport increases as a global trend, others have taken it up as a way of drawing closer to God.

Take the new “To the Top” initiative from Chile’s Mas Alla del Deporte (Beyond Sports) organization.

These young people, their families, as well as professional and amateur athletes alike are climbing the mountains of Santiago to bring together sports, nature and spirituality.

Walking sticks, water bottles, backpacks outfitted to carry small children – combined with a little joy and fraternity – are among the essentials of these day trips. The purpose? To see Christ in the beauty of nature and to experience outdoor sports as a means of growing in holiness, said Maria Jose Correa, a member of the organizing team.

“What’s important is to fix your eyes on the goal, to let other people help and encourage you, to encourage the others and see them as a brother or sister, and to discover for yourself the meaning of those moments when the ascent gets harder,” she said.

During the hikes, the group makes three stops to meditate on both the virtues of athleticism and the Christian life. When they reach the top, they celebrate Mass together with the priest that accompanied them on the climb. …

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