August 17, 2015

AP’s Boak Finds Millennials Can’t Afford to Buy Homes, Cites No Policy-Driven Causes

Several commenters at my econ-related posts during the past several months here at NewsBusters and my home blog have noted how Washington’s mix of high deficits, over-regulation, and quantitative easing never seem to get any kind of blame for the economy in establishment press coverage.

One could hardly find a better example of that deliberate avoidance than Josh Boak’s writeup today at the Associated Press, aka the Administration’s Press, on how “Home ownership … is increasingly on hold for younger Americans.” While he identified several symptoms which could easily be traced to Obama administration and Federal Reserve policies, Boak never tagged anyone who might be responsible, instead acting as if all these adverse conditions just sort of happened and … oh well, here we are.


Japan’s Over-’Stimulated’ Economy Contracts Again, and the Supposed Solution Is More ‘Stimulus’

Japan, once a feared world economic powerhouse already at “two decades of little or no real economic growth,” just reported that its economy contracted during the second quarter at an annual rate of 1.6 percent.

The common thread throughout the two-decade slump has been the alleged need for ever-increasing levels of Keynesian “stimulus.” Apparently refusing to believe there are any other viable alternatives to what hasn’t worked for 20 years, the world’s press is expecting — and creating pressure for — even more “stimulus.”


Monday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (081715)

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Positivity: Over 100 Volunteers Rehab Elderly Man’s Home After Hurtful Comments From Teens

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From Pendleton, Oregon:

August 13, 2015

For four years, Josh Cyganik passed by Leonard Bullock’s home in Pendleton, Oregon, each day on the way to work, silently waving and nodding at the 75-year-old man he knew only in passing.

That all changed one morning when, to Cyganik’s horror, two teenagers made comments ridiculing the state of Bullock’s home—within his earshot.

“They just need to burn it down,” one reportedly said, as the other called the house “crappy.”

“I saw him [Bullock] put his head down and it was clear he was upset,” Cyganik told “I thought about saying something to the boys, but sometimes anger is better left unsaid and I took a different course of action that ended up paying off more so than if I yelled at them.”

Cyganik, 35, who who works as a track inspector for the Union Pacific Railroad in an office across the street from Bullock’s home, offered to paint the elderly man’s house on the spot.

It was their first conversation after years of cordial hellos.

“[Leonard] could hardly talk he was so ecstatic,” Cyganik told ABC News. “He sits on his porch every day all day long so I wanted to give him a nice canvas to sit in front of.”

Bullock was appreciative and happily agreed to let Cyganik paint.

Cyganik then posted a message to Facebook to recruit help. The post spread, with over 6,000 shares.

By the morning of July 18, Cyganik had over 100 volunteers sign up to help, with some even driving from Texas, Washington, and California to be a part of the effort. …

Go here for the rest of the story.