November 15, 2015

Two Paris Terrorists Lived in Supposedly Mythical ‘No-Go Zone’ Neighborhood in Brussels

Shortly after the Charlie Hebdo Islamic terrorist murders in Paris in January, the establishment press attacked those who dared to state something quite obvious about “no-go zones” in parts of Europe, i.e., that they exist. The media summarily and unilaterally declared that “no-go zones” were a myth propagated by the likes of Fox News, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, longtime terror expert Steven Emerson, and others — despite several direct references to them in media accounts, including the New York Times, going back as far as 2002.

Well, a not very funny thing has happened during the attempt to hunt down those involved in planning Friday’s coordinated terrorist bloodbath in Paris. You see, there’s a certain neighborhood in Brussels, Belgium. It’s home to admitted “jihadist networks,” which, in the words of a Times tweet following the jump, have been “linked to” the Parisian and other “terror plots.” The tweet indicates that this neighborhood has an unusual characteristic which the U.S. media has insisted it cannot possibly have (HT Twitchy):


AP Avoids Reporting Obama’s Callous ‘We Have Contained ISIS’ Statement

As of early this morning, Matt Drudge was carrying a link to a story headlining how President Obama is “under fire for saying ISIS ‘contained’ just hours before Paris attack.”

Well, Obama is under some fire, but Drudge’s link is to coverage at the UK Daily Mail. That’s unfortunately unsurprising because there is little to no mention of Obama’s naive, foolish and callous statement in the U.S. establishment press. So Obama may be “under fire” from people who are paying attention, but low-information news consumers (and voters) who didn’t happen to see the original Thursday interview will likely remain unaware of it. In one such example of convenient oversight, the Associated Press published a Thursday evening story on that interview, and decided that its only newsworthy element was Obama’s immigration-related criticism of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.


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Positivity: ‘Be the hug of Christ’ – White Mass in DC encourages those with disabilities

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From Washington:

Nov 10, 2015 / 03:25 am

Honoring individuals with disabilities and mental health challenges, Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington, D.C., celebrated the archdiocese’s annual White Mass on Sunday and encouraged the faithful to embrace, serve and welcome the diversity of the Church.

The White Mass, hosted by the Archdiocese of Washington’s Department of Special Needs Ministries, drew various caregivers and individuals with disabilities. It was celebrated at the Cathedral of St. Matthew on Nov. 8 and the homily was delivered by Father William Byrne, pastor of Our Lady of Mercy in Potomac.

“Last week, I just met a wonderful man named Jason,” Fr. Byrne said in his homily, explaining that he encountered the man at the Tricia Sullivan Respite Care Program run by the Potomac Community Resources.

“During the Rhythmic Music Program, Jason reached over and grabbed me around the neck, pulled our heads together and gave me a long hug,” he continued.

For Fr. Byrne, this hug symbolized something more than just an embrace. It was a gesture that all Christians should imitate – one of welcoming strangers into the Church and embracing them as Christ would embrace the world.

“We are the universal Church, whose job it is to welcome, embrace and accompany everyone in his and her encounter with Jesus,” Fr. Byrne stated, saying “we are called to be the hug of Christ to the world.” …

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