November 29, 2015

ESPN’s 2-Year Subscriber Loss: 7 Million Homes; Viewership Losses Likely Worse

The Walt Disney Company filed its annual 10-K report with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday.

The “getaway day” timing of the filing may not be a coincidence, at least as far as its 80 percent-owned ESPN subsidiary is concerned. That’s because the report contains bad news which Disney would surely want to see downplayed. Confirming problems yours truly observed in NewsBusters posts in September and October, Clay Travis at Fox Sports’ “Outkick the Coverage” blog observed that annual subscriber revenue at the the sport network’s various entities— even before considering likely accompany advertising losses — has declined by about $700 million dollars in the past two years (HT Instapundit; links are in original; bolds are mine):


AP’s Rugaber, Despite Wednesday’s Weak Economic Data: ‘Fundamentals Remain Solid’

As yours truly noted in several posts at my home blog on Wednesday and at NewsBusters on Friday and Saturday, the torrent of pre-Thanksgiving “getaway day” economic data was largely disappointing.

That didn’t stop the Associated Press’s Chris Rugaber from pushing the “All is well” meme late Wednesday afternoon, declaring, contrary to what anyone’s eyes could see, that “the fundamentals of the U.S. economy remain solid,” that “Consumers appear relatively confident in the economy,” and that “Americans are unleashing pent-up demand for big-ticket items such as homes and cars.”


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Positivity: Restaurant owner thankful for fire that saved her life

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From Newell, Iowa:

November 22, 2015 8:00 am

Angilia Durham gives thanks for a fire that temporarily closed her new restaurant.

It may ultimately save her life.

Durham comes from Waycross, Georgia, in March, eager to open the Newell Cafe in this Buena Vista County burg.

She lands in Omaha on Easter Sunday and is robbed of $375. Things like that can happen when you’re recovering from foot surgery and hobbling on crutches, leaning on the alleged “kindness” of a stranger who helps with luggage and makes off with cash.

Lacking funds for a bus ticket north, Durham accepts a Good Samaritan’s offer of transport to Storm Lake.

“The woman was on her way from Omaha to Okoboji and she got me as far as Storm Lake,” Durham says.

A Realtor makes sure Durham makes it to Newell, where she purchases the downtown restaurant site, the adjoining laundromat and the apartment upstairs, her residence. She opens her new restaurant on May 5, her 50th birthday.

The Seattle, Washington, native changes her menu in a hurry, observing a buffet would click with customers here.

“People here want to come in and eat as much as they want and then either leave or sit and visit,” Durham says. “I made this into a buffet and the people responded. They helped me set up three tables of Crock-Pots.”

Six weeks into her new venture, the self-cleaning mechanism on her oven shorts. The fire closes Newell Cafe for five days.

Durham is treated for smoke inhalation at Loring Hospital in nearby Sac City, Iowa.

“It’s a blessing,” she says. “The X-rays showed something. I had what the doctors call inductral palinoma, or a breast tumor.”

Had her cafe not had the fire, Durham wouldn’t have suffered smoke inhalation. She wouldn’t have gotten the X-ray, which led to a diagnosis, which led to surgery in August and then chemotherapy.

“I took 11 days off after surgery in late August and reopened on Sept. 3,” she says. …

Go here for the rest of the story.