January 3, 2016

Zakaria: ‘Self-Destructive Whites’ Explain Trump’s Front-Runner Status

In his most recent Washington Post column, Fareed Zakaria, who also works at CNN, told readers that “working-class whites” can no longer handle the fact that they’re not an “elite group” any more, and that this loss of status explains an alarming increase in suicide in their ranks. Supposedly, these people support Donald Trump because his “Making America Great Again” is about putting them back on top again.

Assuming that Zakaria actually wrote what appeared in the Post — he was suspended for a single instance of plagiarism in 2012 and has been credibly accused of doing so dozens of other times — his awkward opening paragraph seems to say that Trump’s main supporters are people who are tragically no longer with us (HT Gateway Pundit; bolds are mine throughout this post):


Sunday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (010316)

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Positivity: Look for the presence of God in your life, Pope says on New Year’s

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From Vatican City:

Dec 31, 2015 / 06:12 pm

As this year comes to an end, Pope Francis has encouraged faithful to look back at the events of 2015, telling them to be attentive to both the presence of God, and the signs he is giving.

“Retracing the days of the past year can be done either as a memory of facts and events which bring moments of joy and sorrow, or by trying to understand if we have perceived the presence of God, who makes all things new and sustains them with his help,” the Pope said on New Year’s Eve, Dec. 31.

He gave a brief homily during his celebration of Vespers on the eve of the Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God, and the start of the new year.

We are challenged, he said, to see if the world’s events have been done according to God’s will, or “if we have primarily harkened to the projects of men, which are often characterized by private interests, of unquenchable thirst for power and of senseless violence.”

Francis also urged attendees to focus in a special way on the “the signs” that God has given us, saying they are a means of touching “with our own hands” the strength of his merciful love. …

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