May 3, 2016

For Those Who Need to Get Used to GOP Nominee Donald Trump …

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… (and yeah, that includes me) maybe this will help a little:

You Stay Classy, AP: Wire Service Uses Soldier’s Death to Smear His Grandfather

The establishment press seemingly never misses an opportunity to smear a conservative’s or businessperson’s reputation upon their death. For those who need reminders, see how the Associated Press went after Tony Snow in 2008 and how the New York Times treated Cracker Barrel founder Danny Evins in 2012. Today, the AP took matters a step further, using the occasion of a soldier’s death to smear his late grandfather.

Charles Keating IV is the Navy SEAL who died in Iraq on Tuesday. His grandfather was the late Charles Keating Jr. Given the elder Keating’s historical prominence, the wire service would have been remiss if it had failed to note the family lineage. But in both its early breaking story, and in a later more detailed writeup, the AP treated what Charles Keating did decades ago as more important than a soldier who died today.


Trump Immediately Wins Indiana Primary; Hillary and Bernie in Tight Duel; UPDATE: Sanders Wins, Cruz Suspends

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That was quick.

Donald Trump has been declared the Indiana Primary winner, and is leading the field 54-35-9 (Cruz 2nd, Kasich 3rd) with 25 percent of the votes counted.

John Kasich’s next-door neighbor status as Governor of Ohio didn’t prove particularly helpful, did it?

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are deadlocked right now with 20 percent of the vote counted.

The guess here is that late-counted ballots from Northwestern Indiana, particularly Gary, will carry Mrs. Clinton over the top. Such late-counted ballots enabled Barack Obama to nearly defeat Mrs. Clinton in 2008. This time I think they’ll be her salvation — but we’ll see.

It looks like the GOP turnout will top the Democrats’ turnout by a large margin. Update, May 4: The differential is stunning. GOP turnout will probably top 1.1 million. Dem turnout is on track to be about 675,000.

UPDATE: Sanders wins Indiana 53-47 (with 81 percent counted), per the press. Clinton would have to win about 61 percent of the remaining votes to catch up. That call is probably OK, though I suspect it will tighten when all ballots are counted.

The real news here is that Sanders, as the Democratic Party winner, is on track to pull in far fewer votes than … Ted Cruz, who suspended his campaign tonight. Hillary Clinton, the supposed presumptive and virtually self-appointed Democratic Party nominee, will get almost 100,000 fewer votes than Cruz.

UPDATE 2, May 4: Sanders’ lead is 5.5 points with 93% counted. As Ann Althouse observed, “CNN talk is all about Trump but the big news is Hillary’s humiliation.”

Wash Post Bemoans ‘Controversial’ College Campus Conceal Carry Law Despite Wide Support

The establishment press’s obsession with labeling anything it and the left don’t like as “controversial” has rarely been as obvious as in the case of Tennessee’s move to allow full-time university faculty and staff to carry handguns on campus.

One particularly blatant example of “controversial” bias in connection with the Volunteer State law appeared Monday evening at the Washington Post’s Grade Point blog. Naturally, the “C-word” appeared in the item’s headline:


Positivity: U2′s lead guitarist rocks Sistine Chapel in concert for a cure

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From Vatican City:

May 3, 2016 / 03:31 am

Lead guitarist The Edge from Irish rock band sensation U2 played “the most beautiful parish hall in the world” this weekend – the Sistine Chapel.

The performance, the first-ever rock concert in the historic chapel, was given for about 200 doctors researchers who attended a conference at the Vatican last week on regenerative medicine. The conference discussed the use of adult stem cells to cure difficult and rare diseases such as cancer.

The Edge, whose real name is David Evans, wore his signature black beanie while he played and sang a cover of Leonard Cohen’s “If it be your will,” and renditions of U2 songs “Yahweh,” “Ordinary love” and “Walk on.”

The rock star, who has experienced the effects of cancer in his own life – his father died from cancer last month and his daughter once had leukemia – peppered his performance with references to some technical cancer terms.

“I can tell this is a really cool audience because normally when I say ‘angiogenesis,’ eyes glaze over,” he said, according to Reuters. Angiogenesis is the process through which new blood vessels are formed that feed the growth of tumors. Researchers and scientists are looking for ways to prevent angiogenesis.

The Edge, who was accompanied by a choir of seven Irish teenagers during his performance, also joked that he was a bit shocked when he was asked to play and sing at the Vatican.

“When they asked me if I wanted to become the first contemporary artist to play in the Sistine Chapel, I didn’t know what to say because usually there’s this other guy who sings,” he said, referring to U2’s lead singer Bono.

He also thanked Pope Francis and Vatican officials for allowing him to play in “the most beautiful parish hall in the world.”

“Being Irish you learn very early that if you want to be asked to come back it’s very important to thank the local parish priest for the loan of the hall,” he said. …

Go here for the rest of the story.

Tuesday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (050316)

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This open thread is meant for commenters to post on items either briefly noted below (if any) or otherwise not covered at this blog. Rules are here.