May 31, 2016

Zoo Officials Around the Country …

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… as a result of this incident in Cincinnati, should rethink the idea of not having animals in absolutely entry-proof cages, or at least behind fully human- and child-proof barriers, instead of in (an obviously far from human- and child-proof) “enclosure.”

Also agree with the estimable Warner Todd Huston on this (paraphrasing his graphic): “If you care more about the gorilla than the fact that a four year-old child is still alive, you’ve got a serious problem.”

Feinstein on ABC: Hillary ‘Broke No Law,’ and ‘Enough Is Enough’

Two NewsBusters posts on Sunday addressed Senator Dianne Feinstein’s This Week interview with ABC’s Jon Karl that morning. Nicholas Fondacaro noted the California Democrat’s insistence that Hillary Clinton rival Bernie Sanders should be “able to read the sign posts as well as anybody else,” and that “If he did that, he would know that it’s all but over.” Brad Wilmouth posted on the laughable excuse Feinstein made for Mrs. Clinton’s use of a private server, namely that “She wants to be able to communicate with husband, with daughter, with friends, and not have somebody looking over her shoulder into her emails.”

Feinstein’s most outrageous single statement during the interview was her talking-point repetition of what has clearly become Clinton defenders’ primary, clearly coordinated last-ditch lie about the contents of the State Department Inspector General’s report last week on her handling of job-related emails and her use of a home-brew private server while she was Secretary of State, namely that she supposedly “broke no law.”


Tuesday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (053116)

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This open thread is meant for commenters to post on items either briefly noted below (if any) or otherwise not covered at this blog. Rules are here.

Positivity: Video of cop caring for boy left in car wreck goes viral

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From Los Angeles (video at link; HT Catholic News Agency, which has reported that the officer involved is a graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio):

May 18, 2016, 10:03 AM

Video of a Los Angeles police officer comforting a toddler who police say was left behind after a crash over the weekend has gone viral, CBS Los Angeles reports.

When LAPD Officer John Neal Cooke arrived on scene to the crash early Saturday morning, he thought it was just a typical hit-and-run: A vehicle had struck a fire hydrant that was spewing water.

“Witnesses tell us, ‘Hey, there was only one person involved, one car involved, and she went running down the street,’” he said.

But it turned out the crash was anything but typical when he said another officer checked the back seat and said, “You guys, there’s a baby in here.”

Police said the 2-year-old boy had been left by himself by his 27-year-old mother who crashed and then took off.

Video of how LAPD officers, including Cooke, calmed the scared child soon went viral.

“He was crying and reaching for me, so I mean it’s kind of just human nature,” he said.

In the clip, Cooke is seen patting the little boy on the back and giving him his bottle, something he says he’s used to in a big family.

“I’ve been taking care of kids since I was kid as they say,” he said. …

Go here for the rest of the story.