June 27, 2016

Positivity: Governor’s Wife Takes Summer Job Waiting Tables

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From Boothby Harbor, Maine (HT Daryn Kagan):

June 25, 2016

That Ann LePage — the the wife of Maine Republican Gov. Paul LePage — snagged her latest job using her family “connections,” is hardly surprising.

What is surprising is that those connections didn’t come from her powerful husband, but instead from her daughter, who is in law school.

Last summer, Lauren LePage made a whopping $28 an hour at McSeagull’s, “a bustling restaurant touting double-wrapped bacon scallops and views of Boothbay Harbor,” according to the Associated Press.

This year, her 58-year-old mother is following in her footsteps to make some extra dough during the profitable tourist season.

“Oh honey, it’s all about the money; it’s all about the money,” LePage told CBS affiliate WGME. “I told him (Governor Paul LePage) my money I earn here I’m putting in a kitty. I want to buy a car this summer.”

What kind of car? Not a Mercedes or a Range Rover — the political elite’s preferred modes of transportation — but a Toyota RAV 4, the kind of modest SUV a person apparently buys when their spouse is the lowest-paid governor in all 50 states, according to the AP. …

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