July 3, 2016

NY Times Downplays, Delays and Spins Coverage of Clinton-Lynch Encounter

The New York Times was extraordinarily slow to the draw in covering the controversial Phoenix airport meeting between U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton.

Its first in-house recognition of the Monday evening meeting took place Thursday evening, over 48 hours after the first media reports of it (here and here) had appeared. That report by Mark Lander was relegated to Page A17 of the paper’s Friday print edition.


Cokie Roberts: Team Clinton Doesn’t ‘Have a Clue’ on ‘How to Fix’ Hillary’s Low Trustworthiness

On Sunday’s morning’s This Week show on ABC, host Martha Raddatz asked normally unflappable Hillary Clinton supporter Cokie Roberts about the “deep mistrust” voters have towards presumptive Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton. Concerning her campaign, Roberts responded that “I don’t think they have a clue how to fix it.” That’s understandable. How do you “fix” a media-enabled problem at least two decades in the making?

Raddatz tried to deflect discussion of Mrs. Clinton’s serious problem by telling people to go see the play Hamilton. Roberts took the cue, and in a bizarre non sequitur, said that Alexander Hamilton “lied too, to his wife.”



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Elie Weisel.

Sunday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (070316)

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Positivity: Tim Tebow Came to the Rescue When Someone on His Flight Had a Medical Emergency

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From Time.com:

The former NFL player worked with the crew in the stressful situation

Former NFL quarterback and SEC Network analyst Tim Tebow recently jumped into action to help a man on his flight who appeared to be having a heart attack, according to a fellow passenger.

On a plane from Atlanta, Ga. to Phoenix, Ariz., a passenger on Tebow’s Delta flight began experiencing heart problems. According to passenger Richard Gotti, who shared the story on his Facebook page, Tebow left his first class seat to offer his help with the medical emergency.

While the flight’s crew worked to help stabilize the man, Tebow, a noted Christian, led the plane in prayer for the passenger and supported the family of the injured man, even reportedly transporting his wife to the hospital after the plane landed.

From Facebook (paragraph breaks added by me):

June 26

I have to share this story! I was traveling on Delta Airlines Flight Number 1772 from Atlanta, Georgia to Phoenix, Arizona when there was a medical emergency on board.

An older gentleman began having what appeared to be heart problems, and he went unconscious. I watched strangers from all over the world and every ethnicity come to the help of this man for over an hour! Whether it was chest compressions, starting an IV, helping breathe life into this man, or praying everyone helped! I listened to shock after shock from the AED machine and still no pulse.

No one gave up. I observed people praying and lifting this man up to the Lord in a way that I’ve never seen before. The crew of Delta Airlines were amazing. They acted in a fast and professional manner!

Then all of a sudden, I observed a guy walking down the aisle. That guy was Tim Tebow. He met with the family as they cried on his shoulder! I watched Tim pray with the entire section of the plane for this man. He made a stand for God in a difficult situation.

The plane landed in Phoenix and that was the first time they got a pulse back! Please share this with your friends! Pray for this man and his family, and also thank God that we still have people of faith who in times of difficulty look to the Lord!