July 9, 2016

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Positivity: Scott. Co. residents welcome Korea War soldier home

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From Scott County, Tennessee (video at link):

5:47 PM. EST June 25, 2016

A man whose remains were found some 60 years after going missing during the Korean War was laid to rest.

After more than 60 years, a Scott County veteran is finally home.

Army Sgt. Bailey Keeton was only 20 years old when military officials declared him missing in action after a Chinese attack in North Korea. Four years later, he was presumed dead.

In 2004, a joint recovery team of Korean and U.S. officials led to the discovery of Keeton’s body, but it took until this year to identify the remains.

The family and local officials were hoping for a huge show of support as Keeton’s remains were brought home on Thursday, and they got their wish.

The plane carrying his body landed at McGhee Tyson Airport at 11:30 a.m. An honor guard was awaiting its arrival. They removed the flag-draped casket from the aircraft and carried it the waiting hearse.

As the hearse left the airport grounds, a line of troops from the air national guard base who saluted as the vehicle passed by.

Then, led by state troopers and followed by the Patriot Guard on motorcycles, the hearse began its journey to Scott County.

It was escorted from the airport, up I-75N to exit 141. The procession then proceed down Hwy. 63 into Huntsville, then on to Hwy. 27 to West Murley Funeral Home in Oneida.

Residents lined the streets as the procession passed. Veterans saluted, women and children waved American flags, and many stood in silence, tears falling down their face.

“He fought the war for our freedom and died,” said Denise Phillips. “His mother didn’t get to see him come home and I feel like we should honor his family for his mother’s sake.”

Phillips and her grandchild were among those who welcomed the procession.

“I’m proud of our Scott Countians in a time like this, where they come out an honor people,” said Phillips.

She felt the experience would also be a good teaching moment for the kids.

“I think it was pretty nice of them to let us stand out here and watch as this man was brought through after he fought in the war for us and died,” said her granddaughter AnnaLynne Hamilton.

For Keeton’s family, it’s a moment they never thought would happen. …

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