July 19, 2016

AP, Cleveland.com Promote a Tuesday Anti-Trump Rally Which Won’t Happen Until Thursday

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It’s a good thing all those layers of fact-checkers and proofreaders are out there in the establishment press making sure that they don’t misinform their readers about the dates and times of impending events.

Oh, wait a minute. Both Cleveland.com, the home website of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and the Associated Press promoted a “Stand Together Against Trump” rally as if it would take place Tuesday afternoon. The problem is that the protest isn’t until Thursday. Oops. I guess they were just overanxious.


‘Former’ New Black Panther Malik Shabazz Calls For Reparations ‘For All of Our Blood’

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Former New Black Panther leader Malik Shabazz, whose incendiary, racist remarks could fill a very long book, was interviewed by Megyn Kelly at Fox News Monday night.

Shabazz has had a long history of establishment media indulgence, which explains how he can now meritlessly present himself as the supposedly respectable head and co-founder of “Black Lawyers for Justice.” Fox’s choice to give him air time was questionable, but at least Kelly gave him no quarter.


Brian Williams: ‘Appoint’ Tavis Smiley President Based on His ‘Killer Cops’ Rant

During MSNBC’s Monday night coverage of the Republican convention, serial fabulist Brian Williams was clearly impressed with Tavis Smiley’s reckless characterization of police officers. Smiley seems to believe that there are legions of cops just chomping at the bit, if given the slightest opportunity, to kill blacks without cause. Both Williams and Smiley should know that reality differs.

The Legal Insurrection blog describes the disgraced MSNBC anchor’s reaction to Tavis Smiley’s “killer cops” rant as something that “could go down as the most egregious example of an MSM ‘anchor’ groveling at the feet of a liberal activist.”


Tuesday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (071916)

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This open thread is meant for commenters to post on items either briefly noted below (if any) or otherwise not covered at this blog. Rules are here.

Positivity: Only Christ offers answers in our violent world, Baton Rouge bishop says

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From Baton Rouge, Louisiana:

Jul 18, 2016 / 02:52 pm

Jesus Christ’s triumph over death, despair and hate should move us forward after a deadly attack on law enforcement officers in Baton Rouge, the city’s bishop said Sunday.

“Words cannot express the emotions we feel for those who have lost loved ones in the tragic events of this day. Their entire lives have been unexpectedly and terribly turned upside down,” Bishop Robert Muench of Baton Rouge said.

On July 17, a gunman identified as Gavin Long of Kansas City, Mo. ambushed and killed two police officers and a deputy, while wounding three more, CNN reports. The officers were responded to reports of shots fired. Long, a former Marine sergeant, was killed in a gun battle with police.

The FBI is investigating Long’s possible links to an anti-government group. The gunman claimed to be a member of the Nation of Islam, though an official told CNN that there is no indication he was directed by the group.

The shooting comes on the heels of two weeks of heightened tensions across the country. …

Gp here for the rest of the story.