August 9, 2016

CNN Columnist: Let’s Not Use ‘Terrorism’ to Describe Non-Directed Attacks

Last month, yours truly, with the help of commenters (and in a supplemental post found here), shredded the idea proposed in a column at that journalists should eliminate the words “terrorist” and, by extension, “terrorism,” to describe genuine acts of terrorism committed by terrorists (unless those words are uttered in quoted remarks by interview subjects). Sadly, in the course of covering the topic, I learned that that the Newspeak practitioners pretending to be journalists at Reuters have already done this in association with specific events.

Now Phillip Mudd, who “comments on counterterrorism and security policy for CNN” and is a former “deputy director of the CIA’s Counterterrorist Center,” wants to travel part of the way down that road. Mudd wants to effectively eliminate the T-words when describing “seemingly random attacks with debatable motivations,” while continuing their use for “politically motivated Islamist revolutionaries” such as “Osama bin Laden.”


Tuesday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (080916)

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This open thread is meant for commenters to post on items either briefly noted below (if any) or otherwise not covered at this blog. Rules are here.

The Ohio Republican Party Is Off the Rails

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I’ve got nothing to add to the following We the People Convention press release, though I suppose others who experienced the ORP’s treatment of Ronald Reagan’s supporters during the 1980 general election might have something to add (bolds are mine; some paragraph breaks and minor edits added by me):


Akron, OH: The We the People Convention disclosed today that it had recieved confirmation from sources within the Republican National Committee that this past week the RNC has taken the extraordinary step of taking away control of the Ohio Republican Party “Victory Centers” from the Ohio Republican Party and turned control of them over to the Ohio Trump Campaign team.

This drastic action was necessary due to the behind the scenes actions of Ohio Governor John Kasich to stop the “Ohio Republican Party” from supporting the Republican nominee Donald J. Trump who soundly defeated Kasich for the Republican Presidential nomination. Ohio is the only state in the nation in which this unprecedented action has been taken.

Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention, pointed out that “It was clear that the ORP was not supporting Trump in the Victory Centers up to this point, even though they were taking RNC money that was raised by Trump to fund the Victory Centers.”

“Then we started hearing about ORP Central Committee members in Toledo actually collecting signatures to get Libertarian Gary Johnson on the Ballot in Ohio to further damage Trump’s chances of winning Ohio. ”

“This is nothing but another example of the Kasich machine betraying the will of the people for Kasich’s selfish interest to run again in 2020. Kasich is nothing but an unprincipled sore loser.”

“We applaud the RNC for stepping in and showing Kasich and Borges the door for their total betrayal of the Republican Party and Republican voters in Ohio.”

“We call upon all members of the Ohio Republican Party Central Committee to vote at their next meeting to remove Borges as Chairman for his actions. We also call on all County Republican Party Chairmen and central committee members, and all true Republicans, to support the Trump campaign and volunteer to work in the new Victory Centers being run by the Trump campaign.”

Zawistowski concluded by saying “We find it rich that the same establishment hacks who would tell the TEA Party that we had to support the nominee, even if the nominee was not our choice, are now throwing a tantrum and are unwilling to support the Republican nominee because Trump is not their choice. Anyone who wants Trump to win in November should NOT give money to the “Ohio Republican Party” because there is no Ohio Republican Party – there is only the Kasich election machine. Trump supporters should donate directly to the Trump Campaign at or to the NRA where your money will actually help fund the NRA’s efforts in this elections at”

Not News: Venezuela Hires ‘Jesus Christ’ of Marxist Economics to Direct Failed Economy

Over two weeks ago, the Bolivarian socialist government of Venezuela under de facto dictator Nicolas Maduro decreed that private-sector and government workers can be forced to work on farms if the military, which is now responsible for food production and distribution in that shortage-wracked country, deems it necessary.

Relevant site searches indicate that the country’s forced-labor decree still isn’t news at the Associated Press or the New York Times. So it’s disappointing, though sadly not surprising, that the AP, the Times, and for that matter the vast majority of the rest of the establishment press, has failed to report the frightening news that Maduro has hired Alfredo Serrano, a deeply committed Marxist, to be his next economic czar. As of mid-afternoon Tuesday, based on a Google News search, only the Wall Street Journal had an English language story.


Kiss Those ‘Wages Are Rising’ Claims Goodbye: BLS Productivity Report Says Real Hourly Comp Has Declined For Two Straight Quarters

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Today’s Productivity report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics contained huge downward revisions to first-quarter compensation:


The generally 5 percent to 7 percent negative swings from decent compensation increases to actual decreases paint a radically altered picture of the economic landscape from what the know-it-alls have been telling us.

Overall real hourly compensation, after declining at an annual rate of 0.8 percent in the first quarter as seen above, fell another 1.1 percent (again at an annual rate) in today’s preliminary second-quarter figures.

I know it’s not conceptually valid, because recessions are supposed to be about the overall economy, but real compensation, by declining for two straight quarters, is in its own recession — and this is what the American people are really feeling.

The “wages really are rising nicely” crowd can’t explain this away.

The Hill Uses a Fake Photo to Depict Large Crowd at Poorly Attended Clinton St. Petersburg Event

During the 2016 Democratic primaries, the establishment press was correctly criticized by many progressives, as well as others who expect the press to at least try to be fair, for minimizing the attention it gave to the extraordinary size of the crowds attending rallies held by Hillary Clinton challenger Bernie Sanders. Now that he is the Republican presidential nominee we’re seeing a replay on steroids with Donald Trump.

Like it or not, Trump has been speaking to overflow crowds in the thousands virtually everywhere he goes. Meanwhile, many if not most of Mrs. Clinton’s appearances have had astonishingly weak attendance. That was apparent at an event today in St. Petersburg, Florida — well, it was if you saw a photo from a non-establishment press source. The Hill in particular went off the rails and tweeted the absolutely absurd photo seen after the jump: