August 11, 2016

Reuters Refutes CNN’s Claim That Secret Service ‘Talked To’ Trump About 2A Comment

Yesterday, CNN’s Jim Sciutto, the network’s Chief National Security Correspondent, reported, based on a discussion he claims to have had with “an official from the United States Secret Service,” that “it has spoken with the Trump campaign regarding those comments.”

The reference to “those comments” has to do with Trump’s statement yesterday about “Second Amendment people.” In context, normal humans understand Trump to have said that those who believe that the Constitution’s Second Amendment should remain intact as an individual right, as confirmed by the Supreme Court in its 2009 Heller ruling, could aggressively act in the political arena to stop Hillary Clinton from successfully nominating a fifth gun-grabbing jurist to the Court should she win the presidency. Of course, that’s not how the left and the press interpreted Trump — which isn’t surprising, because they also won’t admit that the Second Amendment’s “shall not be infringed” means “shall not be infringed.” But now, Reuters has specifically refuted CNN by name, reporting that “a federal official familiar with the matter told Reuters that there had been no formal conversations between the Secret Service and the Trump campaign.”


Fairfax, Virginia Mayor in ‘Meth-for-Sex’ Bust Rarely Tagged As a Democrat

According to a statement at the city’s web site, Fairfax, Virginia Mayor Mayor Richard “Scott” Silverthorne’s resignation took effect at noon on Thursday. The resignation occurs a week after Silverthorne was arrested “for allegedly trying to exchange methamphetamine to undercover detectives in exchange for sex, city officials said Monday.”

The press, as has so often been the case in situations involving Democrats, has been very reluctant to report Silverthorne’s party affiliation, either avoiding the tag entirely or delaying it until their stories’ very late paragraphs.


Initial Unemployment Claims (081116): 266K SA; Raw Claims (231K) 3 Pct. Below Same Week Last Year

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Predictions, per Yahoo’s Economic Calendar: 262K-266K claims, down from 269K last week.

The seasonal adjustment factor for this year (86.9) is barely below the factor for the same week last year (87.8). For seasonally adjusted claims to stay below the 300K concern level, raw claims need to be less than 261K, which should be a cinch.

Here’s the report:


In the week ending August 6, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 266,000, a decrease of 1,000 from the previous week’s revised level. The previous week’s level was revised down by 2,000 from 269,000 to 267,000. The 4-week moving average was 262,750, an increase of 3,000 from the previous week’s revised average. The previous week’s average was revised down by 500 from 260,250 to 259,750.


The advance number of actual initial claims under state programs, unadjusted, totaled 231,356 in the week ending August 6, an increase of 12,173 (or 5.6 percent) from the previous week. The seasonal factors had expected an increase of 13,098 (or 6.0 percent) from the previous week. There were 239,326 initial claims in the comparable week in 2015.

There’s nothing alarming here.

What IS alarming is what was disclosed on Tuesday in the government’s productivity report. Hourly compensation fell in the first quarter when it was originally thought to have risen significantly. It also fell in the second quarter. The “wages are rising” meme has been thoroughly busted.

Positivity: Self-Defense Success — Robbery suspect shot by elderly Ohio woman

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From Dayton, Ohio, two months old but worth a visit (HT Moonbattery):

POSTED 12:19 PM, JUNE 7, 2016,

Police say a suspect is in “grave” condition after he was shot by an elderly woman while apparently trying to break into her Dayton home, WHIO reports.

Police officials say the woman had been alone Monday evening when she shot someone who she believed was trying to break into her home.

“It appears the individual did, in fact, begin to make entry into her home before the resident did discharge her weapon,” Said Police Lt. Mark Ponichtera.

First responders found a male on the porch and rushed him to a hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Police say the suspect’s injuries are so severe that it’s unclear if he’s an adult or a juvenile. Lt. Mark Ponichtera said, “Other means will have to be used to identify him.”

Detectives will question the woman and determine whether to pursue charges.

“People do have a right to protect their home if they feel as if their life is in danger,” Ponichtera said. …

Go here for the rest of the story

Thursday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (081116)

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This open thread is meant for commenters to post on items either briefly noted below (if any) or otherwise not covered at this blog. Rules are here.