August 12, 2016

Why We Should Fear For the Future of the Republic

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From Zero Hedge, summarizing the nonsense:

– to summarize – we have hard evidence of the potential for an inappropriate relationship between Hillary Clinton’s State Department and The Clinton Foundation – after she had pledged that this would not occur. We have The Justice Department – led by Clinton appointee Loretta Lynch – implicitly blocking The FBI’s probe of The Clinton Foundation’s dealings (for, among other reasons, the timing could be viewed as “politically motivated.” We have a State Department Inspector General who is silent, and a State Department public relations person who has stonewalled so much, even the American press corps has grown frustrated… and the mainstream media on TV will be running stories on Trump’s poll numbers, his apparent ‘resignation’ to losing, and his “friends and family” economic plan.

This appears to be what I’ll call a Sandinista election.

As in 1990 in Nicaragua, there seems to be a pretty high chance that many people — on the left and right — who support someone other than Hillary Clinton are not inclined to tell pollsters who they favor.

If so, Election Night may bring a Brexit-level or greater “surprise.”

At this point, we can only hope things turn out like that Nicaraguan election in 1990, when hardened leftists took out a full-page ad for publication the day after that election in the New York Times (something on the order of “Congratulations, Commandante”), only to see the Sandinistas’ Daniel Ortega decisively defeated by Violeta Chamorro.

Friday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (081216)

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This open thread is meant for commenters to post on items either briefly noted below (if any) or otherwise not covered at this blog. Rules are here.

Positivity: These two game-changing Olympians are serious Catholics (Part 1)

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From Rio de Janeiro:

Aug 9, 2016 / 03:02 am

Simone Biles and Katie Ledecky are two of the names to know in this year’s summer Olympic games in Rio.

Biles, a record-shattering gymnast with a sparkling smile and bubbly energy that shines through her routines, is the U.S. gymnastics team fan favorite and the gymnast to beat for any chance at the gold.

“Biles competes with a joy and abandon that has been lacking in women’s gymnastics in recent years,” wrote Liz Clarke for the Washington Post. “All too often, grim-faced pony-tailed youngsters clench their jaws, furrow their brows and inhale an ocean’s worth of air before hurtling into rigorous tumbling passes. Their feats may be acrobatically eye-popping, but the strain of pulling them off is palpable.”

“Biles, by contrast, exudes utter delight, competing as if the four-inch-wide balance beam is the sidewalk in front of her house, the vault and uneven bars mere elements of her backyard swing-set and the mat a magic carpet for high-flying fun,” Clarke wrote.

The Texas teenager is a four-time national champion and the first female gymnast in history to win three consecutive world championships. The complex moves written into her Rio routines – including her signature series of flips now called “The Biles” – give her an edge before she even performs.

But behind her jaw-dropping performances is a strong family and faith life that Biles (literally) carries with her.

In a recent interview with Us Magazine, the athlete unpacked her Olympic bag, explaining the significance of each item. Along with her bottled water, bobby pins, Beats headphones and cheetah-print umbrella, Biles carries a white rosary.

“My mom, Nellie, got me a rosary at church,” she told the magazine. “I don’t use it to pray before a competition. I’ll just pray normally to myself, but it’s there just in case.” …

Go here for the rest of the story.

Gary Johnson Agrees With Trump; Obama and Hillary ‘Founded ISIS’

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson, who is far more liberal than genuinely libertarian, nonetheless agrees with Donald Trump that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton essentially founded ISIS. His only qualifier is that they did so “unintentionally.” You blew your chance to get noticed by piling on, Gary.

Johnson made this statement to MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle, who appeared, when she asked the related question, to expect Johnson to denounce Trump. Oops. To get to that answer, Ruhle and her audience had to endure Johnson’s painful, low-energy delivery.