August 16, 2016

AP on NH Senate Race: Trump Is a Down-Ticket Problem; Hillary’s Honesty Isn’t?

One of the press’s favorite current themes is how Donald Trump’s presence at the top of the Republican general-election ticket in the fall has the potential to hurt Republican candidates in Senate and congressional races.

That may well be, but the Democrats appear to have a more serious and far more intractable problem which those in the establishment press, including Steve Peoples at the Associated Press Tuesday morning, have mostly chosen to ignore. Down-ticket Dems are saddled with presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s low marks from voters on honesty and trustworthiness.


Tuesday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (081616)

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Positivity: Why these cards inspired a Catholic grandpa to build an app

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From Orange County, California:

Aug 14, 2016 / 04:02 pm

For twenty-five years, Tom Riles has carried a stack of index cards in his shirt pocket.

On the cards, in his neat, all-caps handwriting, Riles scrawled scripture verses and affirming quotes in blue and black and red ink to inspire him throughout his day.

That’s because 25 years ago, Tom Riles had a bad attitude.

After being rejected for a job scraping gum off the sidewalks with a powerwasher in his then-hometown in New Jersey because of his attitude, Riles realized something needed to change.

“My attitude was way out of whack,” he told CNA. “And then somebody gave me a book called ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ by Norman Vincent Peale.”

Peale, a Christian, encouraged readers to write down inspirational quotes to reference throughout the day in order to change their thinking and ultimately their lives.

Since following that advice, Riles, now a 67 year-old grandfather of 10, has never been the same.

“I trained myself to use these positive affirmations to bring me into God’s presence throughout the day, and when we’re in his presence, we experience peace and joy,” he said.

That’s why Riles wants to turn the idea of his index cards into an app that people throughout the world can use.

Four years ago, Riles started using his smartphone to schedule alerts with affirmations throughout the day. When Riles told this to his friend from church, app developer Aaron Horvath, he suggested they create an app.

The pair launched a Kickstarter campaign last month to raise $30,000 to build a free mobile app that will send out positive messages and affirmations, at a frequency that the user selects.

“Tom is proof that technology is not just for over-caffeinated millennials,” Horvath told The Orange County Register. “If you have an idea, a passion and funding, there are no boundaries in the world of technology.”

The name for the app is OnPath, because of how the quotes can bring a person back into the presence of God and keep them on the right path throughout the day, Riles said. …

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