August 19, 2016

UK Data Refutes Media Gloom: There Has Been No Brexit Economic Disaster

After 52 percent of voters in Great Britain cast their ballots in favor of leaving the European Union on June 23, financial commentators around the world, particularly in the U.S., predicted ugly economic tidings for the UK.

People who swallowed the gloom and doom whole must have been especially surprised early Friday morning when Bloomberg News published a piece headlined “Pro-Leave Economists Can Smell Vindication.” Keeping hope for bad news alive, the caption underneath the piece’s accompanying video reads, “Brexit Effect Missing So Far From U.K. Economic Data.” Sorry, guys, it isn’t just that bad news is missing. It’s that the news out of the UK has been very good — “unexpectedly,” of course.


Not News: False State Dept. Claim That ‘Very Few’ Released From Gitmo Return to Terrorism

Tuesday, the day after the Obama administration announced that it had sent 15 Guantanamo Bay detainees to the United Arab Emirates, State Department Deputy Spokesperson Mark Toner claimed that “very few” of those previously released, representing a “very small” percentage, had returned to terorist activities.

Toner’s contention is patently false, but the establishment press, based on Google News searches, has been content to let it slide.


Friday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (081916)

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Positivity: Our Lady of Good Help in Wisconsin is a national shrine

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From Green Bay, Wisconsin:

Aug 18, 2016 / 06:08 pm

In 1859, a young Belgian woman saw a bright vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary appear between two trees in one of the most unlikely places in eastern Wisconsin.

This week, the Marian site has been designated a National Shrine, and is also known as the first Marian apparition site in the United States.

“I am overjoyed to now share with all of you today, that the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help has received the National designation as a National Shrine from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops,” Bishop David Ricken of Green Bay stated during an Aug. 15 homily.

“I am deeply thankful for the faith, devotion and unwavering commitment to all those who have been stewards and caretakers of the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help for the past several generations,” he continued.

Our Lady of Good Help Shrine is fewer than 20 miles from Green Bay in Champion. It commemorates the place where the young peasant woman Adele Brise saw a vision of the Blessed Virgin and was instructed to “gather the children in this wild country and teach them what they should know for salvation.”

The Virgin Mary told Brise to evangelize children through catechism and the sacraments, saying to “go and fear nothing.” By 1868, a chapel and a school were built on the apparition site.

After investigations were opened to confirm the validity of the site, Bishop Ricken approved the Marian apparition in 2010, making it the first in the United States. He also announced the grounds as a diocesan shrine, where thousands of pilgrims from over 90 countries have visited over the years.

“Today’s announcement is a testament and a honor to all those who have come before us. Their generous Christian spirit of warmth, hospitality, reverence and simplicity is alive in this holy place,” Bishop Ricken stated.

“Each of them simply follows the deep whispers of their own faith, and in doing so, preserve and advance the shrine.” …

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